Refresh Your Home with These 7 Safe and Non-Toxic Reed Diffusers

Best non toxic reed diffusers

I like my home to sometimes have a bit of scent, especially when I have guests over. So I’m obsessed with using reed diffusers and diffusers of any sort. But I’m SUPER picky when it comes to letting in only clean scents that aren’t too overpowering. So I’ve tested and picked out my top best non toxic reed diffusers for this post!

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Some links may be affiliate links.

aera diffuser

My Top Pick: Aera Diffuser

This is the only diffuser I’ve tried that can make almost my entire home smell good. Many diffusers can only diffuse scent for one room but the scent goes far with the Aera.

I know it’s technically not a reed diffuser but I find it 10x more effective than a reed diffuser.

But if you like the look of traditional reed diffusers, I have some of my favorites that are made with clean ingredients below!

Best Non Toxic Reed Diffusers

1. Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser

pura smart diffusers

Best Plug-In Diffuser

My Review: I like how the Pura diffuser is easily controlled by their app and it’s really easy to set up. I’d say the scent can easily fill a room but it won’t fill up anything bigger than that. I find it really convenient that it’s a wall plug-in diffuser so it doesn’t take up any extra space. You can also mix together two different fragrances to make your own personalized scent. The fragrances lasted quite long too.

Pura ingredients don’t have GMOs, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, and other toxic chemicals.

2. Aera Fragrance Diffuser

this is a non toxic air freshener - aera diffuser

Best Overall Diffuser

My Review: I’m amazed at how far the scent can go with this Aera diffuser! I turned it on a higher intensity level and I could smell it throughout my house. I’ve been using the fragrance for 3 months now and I’m still using it. I do use the app to set a scent diffusing schedule so it’s not on 24/7. A complaint I heard from many people is the white noise sound it makes once in a while. I personally don’t mind it though.

Read my full Aera diffuser review here.

3. Hotel Collection My Way Reed Diffuser

hotel collection non toxic reed diffuser

Best Reed Diffuser With Subtle Scent

My Review: If you want a reed diffuser that has a subtle scent, I like this Hotel Collection Diffuser. It’s good for small spaces like a bathroom or a small bedroom. I love that it’s free of all parabens, formaldehyde, color additives, and synthetic dyes. I’m a fan of the all-black color too – it looks so luxurious.

4. P.F. Candle Non Toxic Reed Diffuser

pf candle non toxic reed diffuser

Best Reed Diffuser With Musky Scent

My Review: I first got introduced to this brand through their candles and since I loved their Teakwood & Tobacco candle, I knew I would like the reed diffuser too. It smells really nice. It’s a bit small so don’t expect it to diffuse scent in a wide space. Love the amber bottle look too.

5. Voluspa Reed Diffusers

voluspa non toxic reed diffuser

Best Old-Fashioned Reed Diffuser

My Review: Voluspa is most famous for its old-fashioned non-toxic candles and nontoxic reed diffusers. Voluspa glass diffusers are sustainably made and are made without any pesticides or parabens. One of the most popular scents is Goji & Tarocco Orange which is a great fresh citrus scent. The glass bottle has a unique texture design that can double up as a really nice decor piece.

6. Apotheke Reed Diffuser

apotheke non toxic reed diffuser

Best Minimal Reed Diffuser

My Review: Apotheke is a non-toxic candle, reed diffuser, and fragrance brand. Their non toxic room diffusers are designed to fill the space with a long-lasting scent. It’s made with perfume-grade fragrance oils that are paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, and alcohol-free.

7. NEST Reed Diffuser

nest sustainable reed diffuser

Best Reed Diffuser With Fresh Scents

My Review: NEST is one of the most popular candle and fragrance brands. It’s crafted with the highest-quality fragrance oils and the amount of fragrance that gets released can be adjusted based on the number of reeds used. NEST non toxic reed diffuser oils are formaldehyde-free, paraben-free, phthalates-free, and cruelty-free.

What does a reed diffuser do?

Reed diffusers are a home fragrance product that diffuses fragrance into the air to fill an area or a room. In my opinion, it’s more effective than a candle or wax melts at dispersing fragrance for longer periods of time and doesn’t require a flame which can be a fire hazard.

How long do the reeds last in a diffuser?

A good quality set of reeds should last around 4-6 months in a diffuser.

Are reed diffusers toxic?

Depending on the kind of fragrance that is used, some reed diffusers can be toxic if the fragrance is made with toxic chemicals. To ensure that the reed diffuser is not toxic, I look for ones that are free from formaldehyde, phthalates, and parabens. Many people are curious to know – are reed diffusers safe to use? Yes if they are made with non-toxic ingredients like non toxic fragrance oils.

Are reed diffusers healthier?

If the reed diffuser is made with non-toxic ingredients, then all natural reed diffusers are healthier than candles and some other home fragrance alternatives. Compared to candles, reed diffusers don’t produce soot and don’t involve an open flame.

Is it OK to sleep with a reed diffuser?

Yes, it’s totally OK to sleep with a reed diffuser. In fact, a soothing scent might even make it easier to fall asleep at night.

How long do reed diffusers last?

A 100ml reed diffuser typically lasts between 2-4 months. There are various factors that affect how long they can last. If it’s left under direct sunlight or under an air conditioner, the reed diffuser will last a shorter period of time.

Alright, let’s get into the list of best non toxic reed diffusers!

And that’s a wrap on the best non toxic reed diffusers and eco friendly reed diffusers to add to your home!


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