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Hi, I’m Jasmine! Like most people, I used to choose conventional brands for everything in my life because that was the norm.

But as I was buying the necessities for my new home after getting married, I realized that many of the everyday products we use actually contain toxins and are negatively affecting our health. That’s when I started to place a much bigger conscious effort to analyze the materials in things I bring into my home.

I slowly started by replacing conventional cleaning products with nontoxic cleaning products. I started with hand soaps first which I wrote a review post on here. Then, I switched out my dish soaps, laundry detergent, countertop cleaners, the list goes on.

Next, I switched out my makeup and skincare products with cleaner alternatives.

Then, I read an article about how Zara exploits its factory workers in order to produce their frequently changing collection of clothing pieces. That’s when I realized the damage that fast fashion has on workers and the environment. That’s when I made a more conscious effort to shop at thrift shops and from sustainable brands.

To this day, I’m still excited to learn and find ways to live a more sustainable and non-toxic lifestyle.

So on this blog, you’ll find my detailed informational guides and analysis on non-toxic products and sustainable products as well as brutally honest product reviews.

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