The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Signature Fragrance

I personally think that everyone should have a fragrance by their side. That’s not to neglect personal hygiene but rather to enhance your smell. By doing so, you can boost your confidence knowing that people find your scent pleasant. You can also present yourself as someone who is more put together. Even more important than finding a fragrance is finding out how to know which fragrance suits you.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Fragrances?


This is perfume in its purest form and that also means it has the highest concentration of fragrance. This also means parfum is the most costly. Fragrance concentration is around 20% to 30%. Parfum usually lasts the longest – at around six to eight hours.

Eau de Parfum

After Parfum, Eau de Parfum has the second-highest fragrance concentration. Percentages range from around 15% to 20%. Eau de Parfum typically lasts around four or five hours. This type of perfume is one of the most popular and very suitable for everyday wear.

Eau de Toilette

Following Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette has the third-highest fragrance concentration. Concentration percentages range from 5% to 15%. The fragrance will last for two or three hours. Eau de Toilette is great for those who like to embrace the “I naturally smell like this” kind of scent. It is personally my favorite because it’s not too strong yet lasts for a good amount of time.

Eau de Cologne

The fourth-highest fragrance concentration is Eau de Cologne and generally has around 2% to 4% of fragrance. It is cheaper than other fragrance types but only lasts for up to two hours. With its low concentration, it normally comes in bigger bottles as more fragrance needs to be used.

Eau Fraiche

The fragrance with the least concentration is Eau Fraiche. It only has around 1% to 3% concentration with mostly water in the rest of the formula.

Most Common Fragrance Scents

1. Woody

A woody scent is a very natural and earthy scent that can remind you of walking in a forest full of aromatic plants and trees. Woody scents are often mixed with a hint of other scents including citrus or floral. Common ingredients in woody scents include sandalwood, fir needle, and cedarwood.

How To Know Which Fragrance Suits You - Zents

Zents Earth Eau De Toilette

This fragrance is made with sandalwood, fir needle, bergamot, and bay. It’s a clean and fresh scent that’s great for someone who doesn’t like fruity and sweet scents. This fragrance balances out its woody scent with bergamot, which is a citrus scent. Zents fragrances are made with clean and organic ingredients from biodynamic farms. It’s vegan and cruelty-free.

I was gifted this product from Zents so I had a chance to try it on. What I like about this Earth Eau De Toilette is that the scent is very natural and fresh. It is slightly sweeter than other woody scents which I personally like more.

2. Citrus

Citrus scents are refreshing, clean, and crisp. It’s almost like you’re applying the scents from your citrus fruits to your body. You’ll usually see ingredients like lemon, mandarin, bergamot, and grapefruit.

How To Know Which Fragrance Suits You - zents

Zents Mandarin Eau De Toilette

This fragrance contains ginger, mandarin, cardamom, nutmeg, saffron, and vanilla bean. This is a unique Eau De Toilette because it mixes in mandarin with an abundance of other spices to give it a deeper scent that balances out.

3. Floral

Floral scents are flowery, sweet, feminine, and romantic. Just imagine yourself walking into a flower garden with strong floral scents. If you want to smell like that, floral fragrances are for you. Common floral ingredients include lily, rose, freesia, and jasmine.

how to find the most suitable fragrance - skylar

Skylar Arrow Eau De Toilette

This fragrance contains jasmine, rose, anjour pear, black currant, vanilla, and more. It’s a nice combination of a floral and fruity scent but leaning towards a floral scent. Skylar fragrances are made with clean ingredients and are hypoallergenic. The brand is vegan and cruelty-free.

4. Aquatic

Aquatic fragrances have an ocean scent. It’s fresh and many describe it as the smell of freshly cleaned linen. It’s a breezy, light, and airy scent and some are even subtly sweet.

how to find the most suitable fragrance - skylar

Skylar Salt Air Eau De Toilette

This fragrance has sea salt, seaweed, and driftwood for that breezy, fresh scent. It also has jasmine and sandalwood to add a hint of floral and woody scents. Skylar fragrances are made with clean ingredients and are hypoallergenic. The brand is vegan and cruelty-free.

So to find out how to know which fragrance suits you, think about which of the scents you naturally gravitate towards. Even none of these scents are to your liking, you could also try getting two scents and mixing the flavors together to make your own signature scent.

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