19 Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas to Inspire Your Next Makeover

This post is all about farmhouse bedroom ideas.

farmhouse bedroom ideas
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For some, farmhouses are second homes where they stay or visit most often. While it may not appear as big as your main house, it’s still a place of comfort and relaxation. Bedrooms could be your favorite area, but to make it homey and artistic, you have to consider various decorations and patterns. 

From rustic pieces, wooden frames, and refreshing details, it’s fun decorating your farmhouse bedrooms. Whether classical or modern, these farmhouse bedroom ideas will help you decorate your safe havens!

19 FarmHouse Bedroom ideas

1. Natural Wood Night Stand

Natural Wood Night Stand
PHOTO: Sam’s Club

As a starter, elevate your farmhouse bedroom with a 2-drawer nightstand, ideal to be placed beside your bed or on a side with a solid background. It features a harmonious blend of both vintage and contemporary functionality, a versatile one that is not just for convenience but also for visual aesthetics. A natural wood that fits smoothly with an antiqued theme farmhouse.

2.Light Brown Bedroom Set

Light Brown Bedroom Set
PHOTO: Joss & Main

One thing noticeable about every vintage farmhouse is its wooden features. In every corner of the house, it’s impossible for you not to see a detail of natural wood.

Even the bedroom has wooden features, especially the bed that is the heart of your lovely room. Its intricate details are unmatched. From the bed, to the background, everything is made out of naturality.

3. Black Circular Mirror 

Black Circular Mirror 
PHOTO: Christina Bonfiglio Dietz

For a dramatic accent, add a black circular mirror in your room. It doesn’t have to be overly decorated. A simple black-outlined mirror is already a good choice, especially if your goal is to harmonize with neutral colors. It will surely be a masterpiece. Perfect if you put it on a wooden table, designed with different items for decorations.

4. Drawer with Double Dresser

Drawer with Double Dresser
PHOTO: Wayfair

Another wooden piece convenient for your bedroom setup. 

A rectangular drawer with a double dresser isn’t just something made for the purpose of putting dresses and necessities, but an essential decor that mixes classic attributes and modish elements. The three drawers in the first row can be the storage for makeup and other things of your choice. The two-columned dresser in three rows can be the ideal facility for your clothes enough for your frequent sleepovers and visits.

5. Baroque-inspired Vintage Mirror

Baroque-inspired Vintage Mirror
PHOTO: Meryem Demir

If you’re a fan of baroque-inspired vintage designs, especially in a place such as a farmhouse, you’ll love a mirror with its vibe in your bedroom. The setup might be modern, and the drawer table might be made like how the present-day ones are designed, but your vintage mirror serves as a centerpiece that will outshine the plain colors. But still blended nicely to make an astonishing impact. 

6. Woven Nightstand

Woven Nightstand
PHOTO: sublime-minimalism.com

Enhance your bedroom’s charm with a woven nightstand displayed in your bedside. A unique style with a minimalistic feature, designed perfectly for your farmhouse. You can place anything on it, even your nightlamps and gadgets. Aside from its purpose, it also fits in a modern to classic room setup. Something new and underrated, but could become your favorite decor in your bedroom.

7. White French Artisan Rusted Mirror

White French Artisan Rusted Mirror
PHOTO: Antique Farmhouse

Decorate your room with a French Artisan mirror, with a rusty finish, characterized by its carved features and scalloped molding. Can be put anywhere in your farmhouse, whether in hallways or specific areas, but best to be welcomed in your cozy bedrooms. Beautifully carved and designed to make your rustic theme flattering and amazing. 

8.Candle-Designed Chandelier

Candle-Designed Chandelier
PHOTO: vielka_joseph

A cozy yet classy room exists, and it’s furnished with a chandelier! But, for a creative twist, use a chandelier with candle details composing it. Not like the old times when people used real candle sticks, but ones that are modernly electric (or non-electric, but don’t use a real fire). 

If your room is painted white or designed with wooden facilities, it blends sublimely with anything. Or, even if your theme is dark, it will harmoniously unify with it. 

9. White Bedside Drawer

White Bedside Drawer
PHOTO: sammiesvictorianhome

Bedroom styles in your farmhouse can be touched with modernity, too!

If you recently transformed your farmhouse into a contemporary-themed one or built newly with modern features, your bedroom must not be out-of-place.

Add a small bedside drawer to your modern farmhouse room. Wonderfully in unity with your room details. It can be a place for your important documents that must be close to you while you’re sleeping. And, a table stand for your lamps and books.

10.Cozy Rattan Chair

Cozy Rattan Chair
PHOTO: featured.design

For a room that features rattan and woven specificities, a rattan chair serves as the primary eyesight in your room. Suitable for the ones who love having a sitting corner. Maybe to rest and have short breaks from your work, and not let yourself sleep in the bed to stay awake. Because if you rest in your bed, there is a tendency for you to have a longer sleep unintentionally. But if you have a chair where you can sit around for your phone breaks, you’ll be safe from the tempting magnet of your beds. 

Plus, a cozy design perfect for your interior.

11. Minimalist Nature Canvass

Minimalist Nature Canvass
PHOTO: farmtotablecreations

One thing to decorate your bedroom is to add minimalist nature canvasses just above your headboard. Whether your background is dark or light, it’s a mix that is seasonable for anything. Choose a minimalist one, portraying the beauty of a meadow with flowery prints. When you’re outside, you are greeted by natural landscapes. When you’re inside, you have a canvas version of nature and its serendipity.

12. White Chair with Wooden Legs in the Study Area

White Chair with Wooden Legs in the Study Area
PHOTO: Larissa Minatti I Interiores

For your study and office desks, chairs are something that always goes with it. In your farmhouse bedroom, you can incorporate a simple white chair with wooden legs.

Aside from its comfort and functionality, it serves as a decor that never goes out of style. Perfect if your desks are matchy and table elements are also white or wooden.

13. Wood-Outlined Mirror in the Plant Corner

Wood-Outlined Mirror in the Plant Corner
PHOTO: Carsen Larki

Indoor plants are likely common in any farmhouse. There are always plants in there, whether big or small. It can be placed with anything matchy with it but for your bedroom, put it as stylish pieces around a wood-outlined mirror. Hanged in a soft height level, it’s a body mirror that you’ll love. Makes your day better because from waking up, you can see a reflection of yourself while also starting your day with freshness.

14. Rattan Chandelier

Rattan Chandelier
PHOTO: mazhukova.

Something unique that can be rarely found in modern houses. 

Chandeliers are a great addition to every bedroom. For your farmhouse room setup, enhance its style by using a rattan chandelier. Something that will make you more appreciative of woven and natural pieces. It gives off a vibe that is naturally minimal and wonderful at the same time. 

15. Single Sofa Armchair in the Bedroom Sitting Corner

Single Sofa Armchair in the Bedroom Sitting Corner
PHOTO: Megan | Our Lakeview Haven | Home Decor | Home Styling

Just like how you need personal time for yourselves and a corner where you can ponder about life, a single-seated sofa armchair is a comfy place to be. You’ll feel safe while embracing a peaceful life in your farmhouse. With a view of the farm from the inside, it’s a healer that could be your safe place. 

Aside from its romantic power for self-reflection, it’s also the best seat designed to blend in with your room style. It’s where you read books and take pictures if you feel like taking a selfie to be uploaded on your social media accounts.

16. Chunky Braided Blanket

Chunky Braided Blanket
PHOTO: https://pin.it/2rcajxBgN

A simple detail that you might assume unnoticed, but it could be the most noticeable piece in your bedroom. Of course, who won’t notice a chunky braided blanket in your neutral and minimalist bedroom style? It brings comfort to your sleep, giving you a good one. Plus points during rainy days. You can just roll up in bed, covered with this blanket, and you’re ready to feel the dramatic beauty and lazy feeling because of the cold weather.

17. Farmhouse Television Stand

Farmhouse Television Stand
PHOTO: World Market

Who says farmhouse bedrooms can’t have rooms?

If you haven’t seen one, or if this is something that is not often included in farmhouse bedroom designs, it’s time to embrace new perspectives. You can watch your favorite movies and series in your bedrooms during your siesta time. To add more conduciveness to your eyes, a white oak TV stand is the ultimate decor that makes your room better.

18. Indoor Garden

white planter
PHOTO: Darvesh Ideas

Incorporate greenery inside your farmhouse. Vases of different varieties can be used as a support system for your plants. There are cylindrical, oblong, typical-shaped vases, and rectangular ones that fit all your greenery choices. For your farmhouse bedroom, you can use a white one, long and rectangular in size, that can be placed in a window corner or on a balcony. From the fam outside to the indoor garden inside, your life will be greener and fresher!

19. Built-In Bookshelf

 Built-In Bookshelf
PHOTO: scontent-syd2-1.xx.fbcdn.net

Book lovers need their daily doses of good read anywhere they go. 

A good place to build it is in your slightly modern farmhouse bedroom. To make your reading during the day great, make sure to open the curtains and allow natural lights to guide your eyes while you enter an imaginary world that only you can understand.

The shelf’s curated and personalized feature makes it even more astonishing. A place ingrained with someone’s love of books, something that will exist even after changes. 

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