22 Incredible Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas To Copy

This post is all about farmhouse kitchen decor ideas.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas
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Need some ideas on how to decorate your farmhouse kitchen? I’ve put together a list of 22 incredibly beautiful farmhouse kitchen decor ideas to recreate.

Whether you’re looking for more minimal farmhouse kitchen decor ideas or more maximalist designs, this post has decor ideas that you’ll love.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

1. Cutting Boards With All Shpes and Sizes

wooden cutting boards leaning against wall

If you love a maximalist interior design style that looks like a ton is going on but it somehow all works together, then you’ll love this decor idea.

The main decor pieces of these ensemble is the wooden cutting boards. Here we have quite a few cutting boards in various sizes leaning against the kitchen wall.

If you want to add more pieces, you can also put some green plants and some cookbooks next to it.

2. Wooden Box To Store Big Utensils and Rolling Pins

wooden box on kitchen countertop farmhouse kitchen decor ideas

Another really good farmhouse kitchen decor idea is to add a wooden box underneath your over the head kitchen cabinets.

In these boxes, you can add some canisters and put in some rolling pins and large utensils.

You can also some succulents or some green plants next to the wooden box.

3. Standing Cookbooks On Kitchen Countertop

standing cookbooks

A minimalist farmhouse decor idea is to add a few cookbooks underneath your over the head kitchen cabinets. Put it next to a cutting board to add some wood details.

4. Rattan Lamp on Kitchen Counter

rattan lamp and wooden details farmhouse kitchen decor idea

One of the most unique farmhouse decor pieces to add to your kitchen is to add rattan shade lamp on your kitchen countertop.

This simple piece is such a nice touch because it makes the entire kitchen look more rustic. It is also incredibly functional – you can turn it on when you need some extra light.

5. Black Handles on Kitchen Cabinets

pots and pans hanging above stove farmhouse kitchen decor

One simple thing to add to your kitchen that instantly creates a more rustic look is to add black handles to your kitchen cabinets.

Make sure to choose black handles that are matte, not shiny.

6. Plates and Bowls Stacked On Open Shelves

plates stacked on shelf

Another decor idea is to add an open shelf and stack all your plates and big utensils there. If your dishes are a similar minimal color scheme, it can look really nice displayed on the shelf.

I love the combination of the whites and the browns from the wood. It’s such a rustic decor look.

7. Plaid Curtain To Cover Under The Sink

plaid curtain under sink

One of the easiest things you can add to your kitchen to look more farmhouse style is to simply add a plaid small curtain to cover your below the sink area instead of showing the doors.

I especially love a curtain that has a checkered or plaid neutral design which really matches the farmhouse style.

The best part about this is it’s actually functional too. You can just hold it up and reach for whatever you need.

8. Open Wooden Shelving With Minimal Decor

open wooden shelving on kitchen walls

If you love a minimal kitchen decor style that also gives off farmhouse decor vibes, try adding two wooden open shelves and place a few things on it.

Some things to add are a few white mugs, a photo frame, a water pitcher, and some glass cups.

Don’t add too many things or else it will look too cluttered.

9. Old Fashioned Flower Wall Prints

old fashioned wall prints

Another super simple way to elevate your kitchen decor is to put up a few old-fashioned framed plant wall art prints.

I love that these prints have a beige faded background which mimics the look of old paper.

Put this near your stove if you have available wall space so you can always see it when you’re cooking.

10. Lamp Under Kitchen Cabinets

lamp below kitchen shelves

A lamp is a really nice addition to your farmhouse kitchen too. Use a warm lightbulb so it gives off calming vibes when you turn it on at night.

To style it nicely, you can place it on a circular tray along with some other pieces like a salt and pepper shaker and cooking oils.

You can even add a green plant too.

11. White Rustic Kitchen Cabinet To Store Dishware

kitchen cabinet with rustic farmhouse kitchen decorations

If you have extra space in your kitchen and you also need more storage space, the perfect piece to add is a white rustic cabinet.

Inside, you can put your dishware, cups, mugs, and more things.

12. Cutting Boards Hanging On The Wall

hanging wooden cutting boards on the kitchen wall

If you have extra space on your kitchen wall, why not store your cutting boards on there? Just attach a few black metal rods and hang your cutting boards on those rods.

The key to making this wall look nice is to choose cutting boards of all different sizes and shapes. You can also add some green plants and flowers as decoration.

13. Rattan Basket Hanging On Side Of Counter

hanging rattan basket on side of kitchen counter

This next decor idea is super smart and beautiful. You can hang a rattan basket and a bunch of flowers with green foliage on the side of your kitchen countertop.

You can easily put miscellaneous things inside like your mail.

To decorate this space even more, you can also hang a brush or a cutting board on the rod.

14. Cutting Boards and Rattan Basket Hanging

hang cutting boards and basket on side of kitchen island

This is a similar decor idea as the previous idea but this time, we have the setup on the side of the kitchen island instead.

It’s best to place this in an area that you can see easily so you and your guests can enjoy the decor.

15. Big Green Plant on Rattan Tray

green leaves in vase

For the kitchen island countertop decor, the best way to decorate it is to keep it minimal by adding a tray with some key pieces on top.

You can try adding a bunch of green leaves in a vase and also a candle on top of a rattan circular tray.

The big green leaves is an incredible way to bring the outside nature inside the home.

16. Tons of Dried Flowers On Top Of Window

flower foliage over the window sill farmhouse kitchen decor

If you have limited space on your countertops but want a lot of greenery and flowers in your kitchen, one way to decorate it is by adding dried flowers all over the top of your window that’s facing the sink.

The group of flowers is such a nice way to add flowers to your kitchen without taking up any more space. It makes your entire kitchen look so much more interesting too.

17. Rustic Wooden Kitchen Island

farmhouse kitchen decor with wooden kitchen island

Most people decorate their kitchen with a island block. However, another really good idea instead is to place a tall wooden table with open storage area underneath.

The rustic wood details of the table are meticulous and tie in so well with the rest of the farmhouse kitchen style.

18. Open Wooden Corner Shelving

corner wooden shelving in kitchen

One perfect way to add more storage space in a small farmhouse kitchen is to add corner shelving with wood.

It’s not only functional but also looks so beautiful as well.

You can place bowls, cookbooks, jars, and plants on these shelves. Just make sure to keep it minimal and not cluttered.

19. Copper Pots Hanging Above Stove

copper pans hanging on wall

For a combination of a French and farmhouse style kitchen, try adding a hanger on the wall facing your kitchen stove.

Then, hang your copper pots on it for design purposes and for practical reasons too.

It saves space on your stove an you don’t need to put it away in your cabinets every time.

20. Cookbook and Cookbook Stand

cookbook on cookbook stand for farmhouse kitchen decor idea

You can never go wrong with adding a cookbook and wooden cookbook stand in you kitchen near your stove.

It makes your kitchen look so much more homey and definitely farmhouse-style.

You can also add some extra pieces around the cookbook like a canister filled with big utensils or a towel with unique patterns.

21. Dish Soap Block and Brush

block soap and brush farmhouse kitchen decor

When you’re decorating your farmhouse kitchen, you also need to think about the sink area too and how to make it look nice.

One way is to add a bowl filled with a block of dish soap and a brush.

This combination looks super rustic and it’s eco-friendly too.

22. Cutting Boards on the Wall

cutting boards on the wall

Another way to hang your cutting boards on the wall is to install ledges and then you can place your cutting boards on it.

Make sure to choose cutting boards of all different sizes and colors to keep it interesting.

24. Small Plants on Window Sill

mini plants on window sill

If you want to add more natural greenery to your kitchen, the best way to do it is to add a few small pots of green plants or herbs on your window sill in front of your sink.

When the light shines directly on it, it looks so incredible.

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