31 Extremely Clever Tiny House Kitchen Storage Ideas

Tiny House Kitchen Storage Ideas

Do you have a tiny space in the kitchen and want to maximize the amount of available space there is in the kitchen? With a tiny kitchen, it’s important to use up every inch of space wisely and precisely. So we have you covered with our top tips for the best tiny house kitchen storage ideas that are both functional and beautiful.

These are genius ideas and creative ways to fit more stuff with less space. Definitely use this as inspiration to upgrade your tiny kitchen storage!

Let’s get into it!

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Tiny House Kitchen Storage Ideas

1. Add Shelving in Cabinets To Create More Kitchen Storage Space

Get It For Your Home:

cabinet shelves - tiny house kitchen storage ideas

Adding shelves in your cabinets is by far the easiest to make more space in your small kitchen. For each shelf you add in, you instantly get double the space.

Use these shelves for storing your dinnerware, glassware, or mugs.

Look how cabinet shelving makes your organized cabinets look so much more put together!

2. Add a Magnetic Knife Strip to the Wall

Get It For Your Home:

magnetic knife strip - tiny house kitchen storage ideas

Instead of leaving your knives on your drying rack or just on the table, this one tiny house kitchen storage idea will be a game changer.

Add a magnetic knife strip to the wall. This way, not only is the magnetic strip easy to store, but your knives can also air dry more easily.

Plus, it looks aesthetically pleasing.

3. Hang a Pot Rack To The Wall To Save Countertop Space

Get It For Your Home:

pot hanging rack

Instead of leaving your kitchen appliances on the stove or inside your cabinets, try hanging them on a pot rack against the wall.

Because pots are so bulky, this is one of the best tiny house kitchen storage ideas that will save so much space on your stovetop and cabinets.

And it’s easier to dry also.

4. Under Cabinet Hooks To Hang Utensils

Get It For Your Home:

cabinet hooks

Like your pots and pans, use cabinet hooks to hang your utensils. This will help it dry faster and of course, save space.

Add these cabinet hooks directly to the wall in your tiny home kitchen. These cabinet hooks are made of 304 stainless steel so it’s rust-resistant and sturdy.

5. Pull Out Pantry To Store Sauces, Spices, and Snacks

If you have a bit more space, you can consider adding a narrow pull out pantry or pull-out drawers.

Easily store all your dry goods, pasta, sauces, and snacks here. Once the pantry cabinet is closed, it’ll look like nothing is there.

It completely hides it.

6. Add Roll Out Shelves

You know that feeling when the item you want is all the way back in the cabinet and so hard to reach?

That problem is solved with roll-out shelves. Since they come out of the cabinets, it’s much easier to grab what you need without causing clutter.

7. Add Drawer Dividers For Utensils

Get It For Your Home:

bamboo drawer dividers - tiny kitchen storage ideas

Have a bunch of utensils and don’t know where to put them? Get drawer dividers to separate all your flatware including forks, spoons, and more. This is a genius storage idea if you have extra cabinet space.

Bamboo material is best for drawer dividers because it’s odor-resistant and anti-bacterial. That means if you put wet utensils inside, they won’t cause smells and will stay clean.

Bamboo is also a very sustainable material to use because it’s made from a renewable plant.

8. Foldable Dining Table

Get It For Your Home:

foldable table - small kitchen storage ideas

Don’t have space but need a table? An easy solution is a foldable table. This is how this wooden table works – when you need the table, simply pull out the legs. When you’re finished, fold the legs and put the table aside.

It takes up almost no space once it’s folded so it’s very ideal for small space so it’s a great option for tiny house kitchen storage ideas.

9. Stackable Containers To Store Dried Foods

Get It For Your Home:

glass food storage containers

The key to storing more items in small spaces is by stacking.

Store your dried foods like oatmeal, pasta, beans, sugar, and tea in these stackable glass containers.

We recommend choosing glass over plastic when it comes to storing food because plastic can potentially leak harmful chemicals into food contents, especially when it’s exposed to heat.

This glass storage container is made with borosilicate glass which is the highest quality glass material that’s non-toxic.

10. Add More Kitchen Storage Space With a Moveable Island Cart

Get It For Your Home:

movable kitchen island

Running out of space on your kitchen countertop? I have a tiny house kitchen storage idea for you.

Get a movable kitchen island to create extra space. Use a movable kitchen island for cutting vegetables or even to dine on as a dining table.

Since it has wheels and is movable, you can easily move it to an idea less crowded in your tiny home.

11. Save Kitchen Space With Over the Sink Cutting Board

Get It For Your Home:

over the sink cutting board

This is one of the best tiny house kitchen storage ideas if you are completely out of countertop space and don’t have room to bring in a movable kitchen island.

That is to get an over the sink cutting board. You instantly get an extra few feet of space to use to cut vegetables or other foods.

Bamboo is one of the best and most affordable materials for cutting boards.

12. Store Utensils on a Pegboard Wall

Get It For Your Home:

pegboard wall for utensils

Here’s one of the most clever storage solutions for storing utensils. Attach a pegboard to your wall and hang your utensils directly on there.

You might even be able to hang small appliances there as well.

13. Add More Kitchen Storage Space With Under Sink Organizers

Get It For Your Home:

under the sink organizers - tiny house kitchen storage ideas

Under the skin is one of the most underutilized places in our kitchen. It’s usually completely forgotten about and is left super cluttered.

So what better way to utilize the space than to store more items! The trick to being super organized and not cluttered at all is to use under the sink organizers like these ones.

It’s two-tiered so you can pack in more stuff in there. The best things to put here are cleaning supplies like extra dish soap, hand soap, toilet cleaners, wipes, and paper towels.

14. Store All Your Spices On A Magnetic Spice Rack

magnetic spice rack - tiny kitchen storage ideas

If you love spices and have a ton of spice jars laying around in your cabinets, this is a great way to organize them.

Use a magnetic spice jar rack and stick it on your refrigerator. It’s the perfect spot to store your spices because it allows you to have easy access to all the spices at once.

So no more digging around to find the spice you’re looking for.

15. Add More Room With Corner Shelving

Get It For Your Home:

corner shelving to save kitchen space

If you have an awkward corner in the kitchen that’s not big enough to install a cabinet or another floating shelf, make better use of the space by adding corner shelving!

This is one of the best tiny house storage ideas to leverage the space.

Open shelves can be used for storing useful things or also for decoration purposes.

16. Dry Dishes With A Foldable Drying Rack

foldable drying rack made with bamboo

Traditional drying racks take up so much space so a foldable drying rack will come in handy.

You only need to have it out when you’re washing dishes and once your dishes dry, you can fold it and put it away to use next time.

This drying rack is made with bamboo so it won’t cause odors or collect bacteria.

17. Use Stackable Bowls To Save Kitchen Counter Space

stackable bowls for tiny kitchen storage idea

Stackable bowls or nesting bowls are a must-have to save space. Whether you use it for cooking and baking or just to eat from, they’ll be super useful.

Many bowls are made with plastic but we recommend stainless steel bowls instead because they won’t potentially leach toxic chemicals into your food.

These stainless steel bowls are BPA-free, food safe, and also easy to clean.

18. Wall Mounted Table To Use Only When You Need

wall mounted table

Like a foldable table, a mounted wall table can help save a ton of kitchen space.

The difference is it’s mounted against a wall and to close it, you’ll just push it in and it’ll be perpendicular to the wall.

This mounted table can also double up as a working desk as well. This can work in the kitchen or living room.

19. Toe Kick Drawer To Store Cooking and Baking Supplies

A toe kick drawer is one of the best ways to store cooking or baking supplies so you don’t need to leave them out in the open.

It’s easy to deal with because you can just open it with your foot. A lot of the time, that area where the toe kick drawer goes is empty anyways so might as well make use of it!

20. Mason Jar Storage To Store Dried Foods

Get It For Your Home:

mason jars for kitchen storage

Mason jars are a great idea to store food in your cabinets. Since it’s made with glass and not plastic, it’s completely safe to use.

You can even label them by using a label maker. This makes it easier to identify what the content of each jar is.

If you decide to use mason jars in your cabinets, it looks best to have everything be mason jars for the best aesthetic.

21. Hanging Baskets To Store Fruits

Get It For Your Home:

jute hanging baskets for kitchen organization

An easy to store all your fruit or potatoes is by using these jute hanging baskets. When you have at least 3 of the baskets in a row, it’ll look like a piece of beautiful wall art.

You don’t need to take up any counter space with these hanging baskets.

22. Slide Out Trash and Recycling Bins

Get It For Your Home:

slide out trash and recycling bin

The trash can and recycle bin can take up quite a bit of space in the kitchen if it’s left out. So using a slide-out trash and recycling bin cabinet is such a genius tiny house kitchen storage idea.

A huge plus is also it’ll keep odors away because the slider door will be closed most of the time.

23. Add A Vertical Wine Rack

Get It For Your Home:

vertical wine rack for kitchen

If you’re a wine lover looking for tiny house kitchen storage ideas, you need this one item as a designated place for your wine- a vertical wine rack.

This wine rack can hold all your favorite wines and a huge plus is it looks incredibly beautiful on the wall.

24. Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet To Reach For Food Easily

Get It For Your Home:

lazy susan spice rack

If you have a corner cabinet or just any cabinet in general, try getting one of these lazy susans as your spice or condiments rack.

You’ll be able to get to your items so much easier and quicker.

25. Reduce Countertop Clutter With A Wall Mounted Dish Rack

Get It For Your Home:

wall mounted dish rack

Not a fan of foldable dish racks? Then, this wall-mounted dish rack is a perfect choice.

You attach it to the wall and you can place your dishes, pots and pans, utensils, and much more there to dry.

You’ll need a bit of wall space to install this but if you do have the space, it’s very well worth it.

26. Store Small Items In An Over the Door Organizer

Get It For Your Home:

over the door organizer

If you have an extra door in your tiny house, take advantage of the back of it with a door organizer for extra storage space.

Typically, this is used for personal care items but it works really well to store food and kitchen items as well.

27. Keep All Your Knives In One Place With a Slide Out Knife Block

Get It For Your Home:

bamboo knife block

This is a genius hack to store your knives. Instead of just leaving your knives out or just in a cabinet, use a knife block to hold your knives.

This knife block is made of bamboo which is an amazing material for preventing odors and bacteria. It’s not unlike one of those space-hogging knife blocks that take up additional counter space.

Rather, it’s slim and good to use if you have limited space.

28. Add a Mini Shelf Above Window Sill

Get It For Your Home:

floating wooden shelves

We’re using up every single inch of your tiny house kitchen and that includes the window as well.

Add a floating open shelving in the middle of your window to store some extra stuff or even place a plant on there.

29. Add an Under Shelf Stemware Holder

Get It For Your Home:

under shelf stemware holder - tiny house kitchen storage ideas

If you’re a wine drinker, this under shelf stemware holder is a must-have.

It’s super easy to install and put under your cabinets. And your wine glasses will quickly and easily dry also.

The best part is it doesn’t take up an inch of your kitchen countertop space.

30. Stackable Baskets For Storing Fruit

wire baskets for small kitchen organization

Wire baskets are great for holding fruit, potatoes, and dry items. They’re even stackable so it helps save space.

You can place these on your kitchen countertop if there’s space or even on the ground. It’ll just take up a little bit of floor space.

31. Reduce Countertop Space With a Mug Tree

mug tree - tiny house kitchen storage ideas

Mugs take up a ton of space regardless of if you put them on a drying rack or just on the countertop table.

So a mug tree is incredibly useful because it’ll just take up a small amount of space.

Plus, hanging them on a mug tree helps them dry faster and keeps them clean.

That’s the end of this post on the best tiny house kitchen storage ideas! We hope this ideas guide gave you lots of inspiration on how to organize your tiny house storage space.

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