19 Amazing Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Both Functional And Beautiful

This post is all about the best farmhouse living room ideas.

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Interested in elevating your farmhouse living room with more rustic decor pieces? Try out some of these farmhouse living room decoration ideas to add more character into your space.

Whether you have a small living room or have more space, you can easily implement these decor ideas into your space.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

1. Add Rustic Furniture Pieces

wooden furniture rustic

One idea for a farmhouse living room is to add rustic wooden furniture pieces to your living room. For example, you can add an wooden coffee table along with a matching wooden entry table.

Choose wooden pieces that have an uneven color to create that rustic look.

2. Wooden Entry Table Behind Couch

wooden entry table behind the couch

Another way to add a more farmhouse aesthetic to your living room is by adding a dark wood entry table behind your couch.

This is a piece for both function and the aesthetic. You can store your loose belongings like your keys and wallet.

It also makes the living room look more interesting with this extra decor piece.

3. Light Wood Coffee Table

wooden coffee table

If you like lighter colors, you can tray getting a light brown rustic coffee table. By adding this kind of coffee table, you instantly brighten the entire space.

Add a rug underneath to create extra warmth.

4. Vintage Picture Frames and Mirrors

vintage frames for farmhouse living

Creating more farmhouse aesthetic in your living room also is in the small details.

You can add some vintage or dark brass picture frames on your floating walls or hanging on your walls directly.

It looks even nicer if you get frames with different shades of colors to create a more vibrant living room.

5. Big Vintage Brass Mirror

vintage brass mirror frame

If you prefer statement pieces as opposed to small pieces added together, try getting a mirror with a vintage bronze frame and hang it on the wall.

If you want a more modern piece of decor, you can get a gold mirror frame instead.

6. Symmetrical Wall Decor

symmetrical wall decor

For a modern modern farmhouse decor look, you can try adding symmetrical wall prints on your wall. Choose a black frame for a modern look.

The symmetrical pattern of the prints makes the entire living room look clean and organized.

7. Sleek Wooden Coffee Table

sleek wooden coffee table

If you have tall ceilings, adding a low-profile wooden coffee table will look really nice and beautiful. It will make the entire space look even bigger.

For a more modern farmhouse design look, choose a wooden color that is not too dark and not too light.

8. Shelves Next To Fireplace (Lit Up)

shelves next to fireplace lit up

Another farmhouse decor idea is to add shelves to the walls around your fireplace and add decor pieces to it.

You can add some rattan baskets, books, succulents, and vases. To elevate it up a notch, you can add some down lighting to create a warm aesthetic.

9. Rustic TV Console Table

rustic tv console

Another rustic decor piece you can add to your living room is a white rustic TV console table. You can use this as your TV stand and can also store a ton of stuff inside too.

If it has the X details, it’ll resemble a rustic vibe even more.

10. Rustic Sign In Living Room

rustic signs in living room

One small detail you can add to your living room that will immediately spruce up the whole space is to add a rustic sign on your wall.

The one in this photo says “antiques”. You can easily find these kinds of signs at your local thrift shop.

11. Piano In Living Room

piano in farmhouse living room decor

If you have extra space in your living room, it would look incredibly nice if you add a wooden upright piano against the wall.

It’s a nice decor piece and you can use it to practice your piano skills too.

12. Mini Library In Living Room

living room library farmhouse

If you have some extra space in the corner of your living room, why not build a small library? All you need to do is to add a few shelves and place your books on them.

Add a nice accent chair so you can read your books comfortably on there.

13. Jute Rug

jute rug

Adding a jute rug in your living room can easily create a warm and cozy vibe in your living room. Since it’s a natural texture, it feels like you’re brining the outside in.

Place a wooden coffee table over your jute rug to add to the design.

14. Wooden Floating Shelf

floating wooden shelf

You can never go wrong with adding a floating wooden shelf above your fireplace. You can easily place a wall frame, a vase, and some other decor pieces on the shelf.

This adds a nice warmth touch to your living room.

15. Rattan Big Chair

farmhouse living room with rattan chair

Adding a rattan chair to your living room is a mixture between boho and farmhouse style, but I would say it’s more boho.

It looks great when it’s paired with other boho elements like boho pillows and throws with tassles.

16. Light Neutral Colors In Living Room

farmhouse living room light colors

When decorating your entire living room, it’s good to keep in mind the overall aesthetic you want your space to have.

One way to brighten the whole space is by intentionally adding light neutral colors in your living room. That means no dark wood or no dark vintage colors.

17. Add Neutral Pillows On Couch

farmhouse living room decor with wooden decor

One way to add more farmhouse style decor to your space is by adding neutral color pillows in your couch.

These pillows not only serve as a really nice decor piece but also really comfortable to hug onto when you’re sitting on the couch.

18. Big Circular Chandelier

big circular lamp

If you have a bigger living room space, a wonderful decor piece to add is a big circular chandelier. This piece really ties in every element of the living room.

I love how it’s simple the decor piece looks but really makes a statement in the room.

19. Leather Couch

leather couch

For a modern farmhouse style, you can choose to add a light leather couch along with some farmhouse pieces like rattan baskets and a wooden coffee table.

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