24 Insanely Cozy Living Room Ideas To Create A Hygge Home

This post is all about the best cozy living room ideas.

Cozy Living Room Ideas
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Want 24+ ideas on how to create a cozy living room? This post gives you a ton of inspiration on living cozy room decor ideas.

Whether you want more minimal cozy living room ideas or boho living room ideas, this post goes over every possible idea you can think of.

By the end of this post, you’ll know exactly how to decorate your space that feels true to you!

Cozy Living Room Ideas

1. Autumn Colors In Living Room

autumn colors living room

When thinking about the aesthetic you want in your living room, one of the themes that create the coziest vibe is to add autumn colors into the space.

Think brown, dark orange, beige, and similar colors. Pieces you can add to create this aesthetic are a brown velvet couch, brown pillows, dried flowers, and a wooden table.

The combination of these colors create such a warm and welcoming feel.

2. Big Fiddle Tree

big fiddle leaf tree plant

Another way to add cozy vibes into your living space is to add a statement plant like a big fiddle leaf plant. The plant does such a good job of bringing the whole space together and adding more color to make it look more vibrant.

Add a neutral-color rug as well to create an even cozier feel.

3. Accent Chair For Reading Nook

accent chair for reading

If you have extra space in your living room, you could consider adding an accent chair as a cozy reading nook. This not only is cozy when you sit on the chair but really adds to the coziness of the entire living room.

Add some pillows and a throw to the accent chair as well.

4. Big Paper Lamp On Ceiling and Ambient Lighting

big paper lantern lamp on ceiling

Lighting also makes a huge difference. For this living room idea, you can add a ceiling paper lamp to create a homey feeling.

You can even add some low warm ambient lighting around the entire living room to create a calming vibe.

5. Boho Decor In Living Room

boho living room

If you love the boho aesthetic, you can add boho elements and decor pieces to your living space to create a warm and inviting space.

Some pieces you can add are some wall tassel decor, knit ottoman poufs, and some fall pillows.

6. Bookshelf on the Wall

bookshelf on the wall

If you love being surrounded by books, you can add a wall full of books in your living room. If you don’t already have a bookshelf of shelving, you could do a small DIY project if you have extra space on your wall.

Add some lamps on the bookshelf to create some ambient lighting as well.

7. Big Cabin Rug

cabin rug living room

If your home is near the mountains or if you just want to create a cabin-like cozy feel, you can add a cabin style rug in your living room.

This instantly brings such a woody and moody vibe in the atmosphere.

8. Cozy Pink Light In Living Room

cozy pink living room

If you’re a girly girl and love pink, you’ll love this living room idea. You can add fairy lights and also some subtle pink ambient lighting to create a cozy space.

You can place the pink lighting near your TV or near your couch to create a relaxing vibe.

If you don’t love pink, you can also do this without other colors too.

9. Fairy Lights In Living Room

fairy lights in living room

If you want to add a bit of calming lighting but not too much, you can easily add some fairy lights around your bookshelf or living room decor to create a cozy space.

10. Fairy Lighting On Curtains

fairy lights on curtains

If you love having a lot of fairy lights, you can try attaching fairy lights to your curtains to really create the feeling of being surrounded by fairy lights.

11. Floating Shelves Above Couch

floating shelves above couch

One of the best ways to create a cozy vibe in your living room is by adding some floating shelves above your couch create that boxed-in feeling.

Add some fairy lights too if you like the create a cozy ambience.

12. Floating Shelves Above Couch

floating shelves in living room

If you like a clean and sleek living room style, you can add some basic wooden floating shelves above your couch but keep the decor super minimal.

Just add a few small decor pieces like a small book and some candles.

13. Picture Frames On Wooden Floating Shelf

floating wall shelf with wall decor

If you love pictures and keeping memories, you can add a few wooden picture frames on your floating shelf above your couch.

Compared to hanging the frames directly on the wall, having it lean on the floating shelf makes the space look extra cozy and relaxed.

14. Flowers In Living Room

flowers in living room

If you’re a flower lover, you can add some flowers around your living room. Add some neutral color flowers if like more monochromatic styles or more colorful flowers if you like to add color.

15. Jute Rug

jute rug for living room

Adding a jute rug to your living room is a great way to feel like you’re bringing the outside in.

It’s a natural material so it makes the space look organic and nature-like, especially if you add some plants into the space as well.

16. Plants Above TV

lots of plants above tv

Speaking of plants, add some long vine plants above your TV to create more of a nature-like feel in the home.

If you have an area above your TV that has extra space, you can add some plants there with the vine dangling down.

17. Living Room With Warm Woods

minimal living room with warm woods

One simple design trick to create more warmth in your space is to add more warm wood. You can choose a console table with warm wood, wooden stools, or a coffee table with warm wood.

18. U-Shape Couch With Lots of Pillows

puffy couch with pillows

If you have the space, one of the coziest things you can add to your living room is a U-shaped couch with lots of pillows. A U-shaped couch makes it so cozy because you’re wrapped around all sides and there’s a lot more seating space.

The pillows also create makes it more comfortable and cozy too.

19. Rattan Basket With Pillows

rattan basket with pillows

One super simple decor piece to add to your living room is a rattan basket and put some extra pillows inside.

You can place this on your fireplace or next to your couch.

20. Rattan Lamps on Ceiling

rattan lamps on ceiling

If you love boho decor, you can also add some rattan lamps on your ceiling. It’s such a subtle decor piece but adds so much character into the space.

21. Floating Shelves Above TV

tv console with shelves

Another decor idea is to add floating shelves above your TV. This creates a nice warm cozy vibe with not too much effort.

On the shelves, you can add some plants, picture frames, and some small decor pieces.

22. Wall Art in Living Room

wall art on living room

Instead of floating shelves, you can add some wall art above your couch to add more coziness to the space.

You can either place the frames asymmetrically to create a collage-like feel or symmetrically to create a perfect looking design.

23. White Neutrals In Living Room

white and neutrals living room

This is a living room aesthetic to go for if you like very simple and monochromatic color combinations. We’re basically going for a white neutral color tone.

This means you can add a light beige couch, an off white rug, white and wood chairs, and some wooden decor pieces as well.

24. Wooden Coffee Table

wooden coffee table for living room

By far the simplest way to add more coziness in the space is to add a wooden coffee table. This is a classic piece that will add warmth into your living space.

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