21 Genius Small Living Room Ideas That Look Beautiful

This post is all about small living room ideas.

Small Living Room Ideas
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Do you live in a small apartment or small space and thinking about how to spruce up your living room? Check out these 21 amazing small living room ideas to give you inspiration on how to decorate your living room.

Some of these ideas are just functional, some just for the aesthetic, and some for both.

Regardless of which ideas you end up going with, one thing that’s for certain is your living room will look so much nicer and appear bigger.

Small Living Room Ideas

1. Wall-Mounted Floating Shelves

add floating shelves

If you have small extra space on a blank wall, the best way to make use of it is to add floating shelves. This is for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

You can easily decorate your shelves with plants, glass jars, vases, and anything else you’d like. Since they’re open shelves, try not to clutter it too much.

By adding things to your wall, you make your living room like more interesting and add so much more character into the space.

2. Foldable or Stackable Furniture

photo frames of family above couch

If you love photos and have an empty wall behind your couches, one way to make the space a lot more cozier is by adding photo frames of your family and friends.

Having just one big one can overwhelm the space so you can add a few frames lined up symmetrically.

You can even print them in black and white to give the space a nostalgic feel.

3. Add Mirrors


Adding mirrors to your small living room instantly makes the space look so much bigger. It reflects the room and adds more depth to the space.

If you have a modern style living room interior design, you can add a big mirror with a black frame.

If you have a more cozy and minimal style interior design, you can choose a mirror with a light wood frame.

4. Curtains


One simple thing to add to your living room to elevate it is to add floor to ceiling curtains on both sides of the window.

It’s something that doesn’t take up much space at all but makes such a huge difference.

5. Minimalist Design

minimal living room decor

The worst thing you can do to a small living room is to have a cluttered space. So that’s why it’s really important to maintain a clean and minimal design.

Keep the living room simple with only some key pieces like a sofa, a coffee table, a plant, and some wall prints.

6. Use Rugs

rug in living room

One really easy way to make the living room more cozy is by adding a rug under the couch and coffee table.

Adding a rug also brightens and expands the whole living room as well.

7. L-Shaped Couch

living room L shape couch

If you want more seating area in your living room, one easy way is to get an L-shaped couch or a modular sofa. You can even have a U-shaped couch if you have a little bit more space.

8. Clear Furniture


Having clear furniture in your living room instantly expands the entire space. It almost makes the furniture look invisible and creates more space.

The clear design also looks super chic and modern.

9. TV Console Table

living room tv console table

A multi-use furniture piece to add to your living room is a TV console table. You can use it to store your TV and the cabinets can be used to store items.

The best part is the stuff inside is hidden away so no one can see.

10. Corner Shelving

corner shelving living room

If you have an empty corner in your living room, try adding some corner shelves to add some decor and store some extra things.

On these shelves, you can add some photo frames, some plants, and a few books.

11. Add Statement Wall Decor

statement wall decor

If your walls are a bit empty, try adding a piece of statement wall decor to spruce up the space.

Adding a statement decor piece can really add more color and character into the space. Choose a wall decor framed in a light wood frame to creat a cozy look.

12. Coffee Table With Storage


Another way to add more storage space into your living room is by adding a coffee table with a second storage layer underneath to hold extra stuff including books and miscellaneous items.

13. Light and Neutral Colors


Adding light and neutral colors into your space is a great way to make a small space look bigger.

That’s because it reflects the natural light and gives the illusion of a bigger space.

14. Skinny Lamp

hanging thin lamp

One piece of decor that doesn’t take up much space but definitely adds to the design of the living room is a long thin lamp.

The shape of the lamp is also quite unique and gives off a modern look to the space.

15. Layer Rugs


One way to make the small space bigger is by doubling up on the rugs. This way, you can create more dimension in your living room.

You can add two rugs of different textures or two different colors together to a more interesting design.

16. Add Ottomans For More Seating


If you have some extra space in your living room but don’t want to add more chairs, you can try adding some ottomans to the space to add some extra seating.

It also makes the living room look more cozy and warm. You can add a rattan ottoman or a cotton ottoman.

17. Add Entry Table Behind Couch

entry table behind couch

Have some space behind your couch? You can try adding an entry table behind your couch as a piece of statement decor and as a functional piece to store some loose items.

If you have a farmhouse decor style, choose an entry table that’s made of a light wood color. If you have a more antique and vintage style, you can add a dark brown entry table instead.

18. Tall Plants

tall plant living room

Tall plants are a great piece to add to your small living room because it doesn’t take up much space horizontally. It also makes the entire space look so modern and fresh.

If you love plants, you can add a few of these plants to your space.

19. Interesting Wall Decor

interesting wall design

If you don’t want to put wall art on your walls, try adding some interesting asymmetrical wall decor.

One good example is a bundle of circular mirrors joined together in an asymmetrical pattern.

It makes the space look super modern and unique.

20. Hanging Pendant Lights

hanging pendant light

Another way to add light fixtures to your living room without taking up too much space is by hanging a pendant lamp above the ceiling.

Adding more lamps rather than the overhead lights to your space instantly makes it more cozy and warm. So this is definitely a great decor piece to add.

21. Under-Sofa Storage

under sofa storage

One easy way to store more items in your living room without adding more cabinets or storage boxes is by getting sofas that have a storage area underneath.

It’s a genius idea because you really can’t see any of the storage and you’re not taking away any more space in your living room.

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