19 Genius Above Couch Decor Ideas To Try For Your Living Room

This post is all about the best above couch decor ideas.

Above Couch Decor Ideas
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Is the wall above your couch feeling a little empty? Try some of these 19+ beautiful above couch decor ideas in this post.

Whether you like more simple and minimal decor designs or something more lavish, this post will show you tons of ideas to spark your inspiration.

Above Couch Decor Ideas

1. Black Rectangular Wall Frames

black wall frames

If you like symmetrical things, try adding a set of 8 rectangular wall picture frames with a black frame.

Place each frame a few inches apart from each other to create a balanced look. To elevate this decor look, you can even add a down lighting to use at night to showcase your picture frames.

I think the frames look so nice when you include pictures of your favorite memories in black and white.

2. Above Couch Circle Mirror

circle mirror above couch decor

If you want something super simple above your couch, you can just place a circular mirror on your wall. This decor piece is both for design and functional purposes.

The mirror helps fill up the space and it also creates the illusion of a bigger living room.

3. Colorful Frames Above Couch

colorful frames

If you love colorful prints and Scandinanvian home decor style, you’ll love this idea. You can place a set of 3 rectanguar wall frames.

These frames can be 3 totally different designs but they all have a common theme – they all have unique designs.

Choose white frames because it pairs well with the more colorful prints.

4. Entry Table With Big Wall Art

entry table and big wall art

If you have some extra space behind your couch, you can fill up the space by placing an entry table between your wall and couch.

Then, place a statement wall art piece to place on the entry table leaning against the table. You can also place a lamp and a vase of flowers as decoration.

This design style is a mixture of modern with a touch of farmhouse style.

5. Hexagon Floating Shelves

hexagon floating shelves

If you love bringing nature inside your home, you can add a wooden hexagon decor piece and place your plants on it.

With this decor, you make your living room look like a botanical garden.

6. Mirror and Wooden Floating Shelves

mirror with wooden shleving

You can also add a circular mirror and also some floating shelves above your couch. The mirror is an amazing decor piece to create the illusion of a bigger living room.

Next to it, you can add some wooden floating shelves. On these shelves, you can add some decor pieces like some plants and picture frames.

7. Mini Cubbies As Floating Shelves

mini cubbies on wall behind couch

If you like Scandinavian home decor style and interesting designs, you can try adding a set of mini wooden cubbies above your couch.

In these cubbies, you can place some books and picture frames.

8. Set of 3 Textured Wall Art

minimal 3 wall art textured pieces

If you like modern decor style, you’ll love this. You can add a set of 3 white textured canvases.

These canvases are perfect because it looks very minimal and adds simple design into your living space.

You can even add a wooden floating shelf below the wall art to add some more decor pieces.

9. Set of 3 Minimal Wall Art

minimal wall art behind couch

Another set of 3 frames you can add to your above couch wall is a set of minimal watercolor frames.

Choose 3 frames that have a similar theme but have slightly different designs so it can look more interesting.

10. Lots of Plants On Shelves

nature inspired living room

If you love nature and plants, you can add lots of plants above your couch.

You can add a circular wooden frame and add some plants inside. Another piece you could add is a wooden wall rack and then you can put your plants and wooden decor pieces on top of it.

11. Rectangle Panels On Wall Behind Couch

rectangle wall panels behind couch

If you love French interior design, you can take on this DIY project to decorate the wall behind your couch. You can add some rectangular panels to add texture to your walls.

You can also add some wall frames in the middle section of the wall.

12. Square Black Frames

square black wall frames for above couch

Another modern living room decor style you can add to your above couch area is a set of 6 square-shaped black and white wall frames.

To really elevate this area, you can add two wall lamps on both sides of the wall.

13. Rectangular Mirro and Floating Wall Shelf

square mirror and floating wall above couch

If you like white interior design, you can add a rectangular mirror with a white frame. Below it, you can add a white floating shelf add place your favorite picture frames on it.

The mirror is a genius piece to add to your living space because it actually looks like a window and it makes the entire space look so much bigger.

14. Big White Textured Wall Art

textured wall art behind couch

If you love white and modern interior style, you can add a big statement texture wall piece above your couch.

This really ties in the entire living room and makes the space look so interesting.

15. Wooden Shelf Decor

two tier floating wall shelf above couch decor

A simple piece of decor you can add above your couch is a set of two floating wooden shelves. ON these shelves, you can place some picture frames, succulents, and and a few other knicknacks.

16. Uneven Wooden Shelving

uneven floating shelves behind couch

If you like a more rustic style living room, you can add two wooden floating shelves but place them side by side unevenly.

Choose shelves with a dark wood color for the rustic look.

17. Wooden Panels Behind Couch

wood panels behind couch

For a modern living room, you can add some wooden panels on a small section of the wall. These panels can be a simple DIY project and it makes the entire living room look so much more modern and interesting.

You can also add a piece of modern art on your wall to go with the wooden panels.

18. Floating Shelf With Wall Art

wooden floating shelf with wall frames

Another way to decorate your walls is by adding a wooden floating shelves and place some wooden wall frames on the shelves.

By placing the wall frames this way, it looks more cozy then just placing the wall frames directly on the wall.

19. Wooden Wall Rack

wooden wall rack

Another modern living room decor piece to add to your walls, try to add a wooden wall rack. On this rack, you can add some ceramic pieces for a modern look.

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