19 Stunning Boho Living Room Ideas To Add To Your Space

This post is all about the best boho living room ideas.

Boho Living Room Ideas
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Need some ideas on how to decorate your living room with a boho theme? This post shows you 19 amazing boho living room ideas that creates a super cozy and warm space.

Whether you like more modern boho styles, rustic boho styles, or minimal boho styles, this post will shows you lots of ideas you’ll love.

Boho Living Room Ideas

1. Rattan Hanging Chair

rattan chair in boho living room

One piece to add that instantly makes your entire living room look boho themed is a hanging rattan chair. Fill this chair with boho pillows and a throw to make it extra cozy.

Keep this chair next to your sofa to provide more seating area in your living space.

2. Add a Rectangular Pouf

rectangular pouf

Poufs are one the best pieces to add to your boho living room to add to the design and to add more seating.

You can try adding a rectangular pouf with either a solid color or a unique design.

3. Neutral Color Knit Throw On Couch

neutral throws for couch

Another cozy decor piece to add to your boho living room is a neutral-color knit throw blanket. Place it on the corner of your sofa to create a homey vibe.

If you like a minimal look, you can match your throw color with the colors of your pillow.

4. Wooden Floating Shelves With Rattan Decor

floating wall shelf and rattan pieces

For a minimal boho style living room, you can try adding a wooden floating shelf above your couch and add some boho decor pieces on it like a rattan decor piece.

To add to the modern boho style, you can add some golden frames to the shelf too.

5. Wooden Wall Decor With Holes

wooden decor with holes

Another minimal boho piece to add to your living room is a wood wall decor piece with holes. This piece is quite unique but because it looks so simple, it creates a very minimalistic look.

The kind of wood color pairs incredibly well with light neutral colors like white, beige, and cream.

6. Add Sheer White Curtains

see through white curtains

One super simple decor piece to add that will transform your living room design is to add sheer white curtains around your entire living room.

This makes the whole room look so cozy, warm, and brighter too.

7. Rustic Light Wood Coffee Table

rustic wooden coffee table for boho living room decor

If you want to add more wooden pieces to your living room while keeping a boho vibe, you could try adding a light wood coffee table to the room.

The light rustic wood color definitly matches the boho vibe more than a dark wood color would. To decorate more, you can add a white vase filled with dried pampas grass to add more neutral colors.

8. Straw Woven Basket Decor Pieces

rattan circular disks for wall decor

If your walls are feeling a little empty, try adding a set of straw or rattan baskets to your wall. It does a great job at filling your walls with more texture and color.

9. Circular Rattan Coffee Table

rattan circle coffee table

If you love rattan, you’ll love a round rattan coffee table. It’s the center focal point of the living room which makes your entire space look bohemian-inspired.

You can add some more light woode pieces around the living room to match with the rattan. For example, you can add some light wood floating shelves above the couch.

10. Rattan Chair With White Cushion

rattan chair with white cushion

Want more rattan? Try getting a rattan chair with white cushions.

The white cushions don’t just look nice but they also provide more comfort when you’re sitting on the chair. This piece is quite a statement piece which can make your living room appear to look bigger.

11. Add a Rattan Ceiling Lamp

rattan ceiling lamp boho living room

Going along with the theme of rattan, have you thought of adding a rattan ceiling lamp? When you add a ceiling lamp, that instantly becomes the focal point of the entire living room.

So by adding a rattan ceiling lamp, your entire space becomes so much more boho.

12. Fabric Hanging Boho Wall Decor

fabric boho wall decor

Another boho wall decor idea is to add a fabric hanging piece of wall decor. By adding fabric on the walls, it makes the whole space become more homey and comfy.

13. Pastel Wall Art

pastel neutral wall art

If you love wall art, a good boho wall art idea is to add prints that have pastel colors and simple designs.

Frame them with a warm wood frame to create a cozy feel.

14. Living Room Rug With Tassels

living room rug with tassels

Adding a rug to your living room is an amazing way to create a cozy ambience. For a modern boho-inspired rug, choose one with tassels on the ends.

15. Add a Knit Pouf

knit pouf in boho living room

Another pouf to add to your living room is a round one. Compared to a rectangular one, this round one creates a more modern feel.

Also, the knit texture of the pouf looks more modern too.

16. Ruzzy Circular Rug

fuzzy circle rug in living room

Another idea is to add a white circular cozy rug. This style looks more modern but looks boho when you add more wooden elements like a wooden coffee table or wooden end table.

This combined with the sheer curtains looks incredible.

17. Dim Lighting In Living Room

dim lighting in living room

The night time vibes also really matter for a living room. You can try adding a lamp with warm lighting near your couch. Add some candles as well.

This combined with your cozy throw blankets and cozy pillows is such a nice interior design feel.

18. Circular Mirror Above Couch

circular mirror above couch

For a minimal boho design, you can simply add a round mirror above your couch.

This by itself doesn’t look boho but it does look nice when you pair it with other boho elements around the room like a wooden coffee table and rattan chair.

19. Bright Color Velvet Couch

bright color velvet couch

If you love a funky boho decor style or just like adding color in your living space, you could try getting a colorful velvet couch along with colorful pillows.

By bright, I don’t mean neon colors but rather colors that are not considered “neutral”. This could be a dark pink color like in the photo or other colors like yellow, green, or blue.

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