24 Insanely Cute Boho Bedroom Ideas To Try Yourself

This post is all about the best boho bedroom ideas.

Boho Bedroom Ideas
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Are you currently looking for ideas on how to decorate your bedroom with a boho theme? This post shows you 24 incredible boho bedroom ideas to implement for your own bedroom.

Whether you want inspiration on choosing a boho bed frame, boho bedroom wall decor, or boho side tables, you’ll definitely leave this post feeling inspired.

Boho Bedroom Ideas

1. Pink and Yellow Bed Sheets and Pillows

yellow and pink bed sheets and pillows

If you love adding color to your living space, you can consider adding a combination of light pink and mustard yellow bedsheets and pillows on your bed.

These muted colors go really well together and create such a vibrant looking bedroom.

To add more boho vibes to this room, you can add a piece of boho wall decor above the bed.

2. Wooden Long Mirror

wooden long mirror

Adding a mirror to your bedroom isn’t just for fit checks but it also instantly enlarges your entire bedroom.

To create a boho vibe, choose one that either has a rattan texture or a wooden frame. Place this mirror either in the corner of your room or on a empty wall.

3. Wooden Wall Art Above Bed

wood art frames above bed

A gallery of wall art frames with minimal designs is such a nice boho decor piece. To create the gallery wall, choose art pieces of all different sizes and place them asymmetrically.

4. White Rattan Bed Frame

white rattan bed frame

If you like a white bedroom but also like the look of rattan, you can find a white rattan bed frame.

This bedroom is a combination of both farmhouse and boho styles and the mixture of both makes the room look super unique.

To go with the white theme, you an add two white wooden side tables on each side.

5. Warm Lamps On Side Tables

warm lamps on side tables

If you love warm lighting and creating a warm ambiance at night, this is a must-have. Get two lamps with warm lighting on each side of the bed.

To create a more boho vibe, choose beige decor pieces around the room like a beige bed or rug.

6. Smooth Plush Bed

smooth gray plush bed

If you love the look of a super plush bed, then you’ll love this. For this bedroom, we have a super plush gray bed made with a smooth cotton texture.

To add more boho elements, you can add a wooden bench in front of the bed along with a straw basket.

This interior design style is a combination of modern and boho and it looks so sleek.

7. Sheer Bed Canopy

sheer bed canopy

Have you ever wanted a bed canopy? This fits right into the boho aesthetic, especially when you pair it with a throw blanket with tassels and boho pillows.

8. Round Knit Pouf For Boho Bedroom

round pouf for boho bedrom

If you like a boho room with more seating areas on the ground, you can add a circular knit pouf. This is perfect for sitting on when reading a book or even just as a decoration.

This pouf along with some green plants is such a good combination too.

9. Bedside Rattan Lamp

beside rattan lamp

If you want to add small boho elements to your bedroom, try adding a rattan lamp by your bedside. This small decor piece is a great piece if you’re going for a more modern decor style.

You can also add more wooden elements around the bedroom to create a more modern boho look.

10. Rattan Hanging Chair

rattan hanging chair for bedroom

Adding a hanging rattan chair instantly makes the entire bedroom look bohemian. This chair is not only an amazing decor piece but it’s fun to sit in and relax.

11. Rattan Dresser

rattan dresser

Adding a rattan dresser is a wonderful idea because it’s both a decor piece for function and style. If you’re going for a boho bedroom vibe, this rattan dresser is a beautiful decoration.

Not only that but it can also store a lot of your clothes and other belongings.

12. Rattan Basket Wall Decor

rattan basket wall decor

If you want to make a statement, adding a set of rattan baskets or discs on your bedroom wall is the way to go.

It looks so unique and really is a conversation starter if you have guests visiting your place.

13. Rattan Bed Frame

rattan and wood bed frame

If you like a mixture of modern, boho, and farmhouse styles, then try out this bedroom design.

The main piece in this bedroom is a rattan and dark wooden bed frame. Other pieces that really stand out are the chunky knit throw, rustic wooden end of bed bench, and a modern statement lamp.

14. Orange Bedsheets With Boho Details

orange bedsheets with tassel detail

A very on theme boho color is a deep orange color. If you want to incorporate this color in your bedroom, you can try getting bedsheets in that color.

You can also choose pillows with that color too.

15. Knit Throw On Bed

knit throw on bed

Regardless of how your bedroom is decorated, your bedroom will look boho once you add a chunky knit throw in a light neutral-color.

You can add this knit throw on the side of your bed or across your bed.

16. Above Bed Lamps

gold lamps above bed

This bedroom is a good example of something incredibly modern with a touch of boho. The boho side comes from the rattan bed frame and pretty much everything else in the bedroom looks modern.

The golden lamps on the wall above the bed is such a nice modern addition and pairs well with the boho vibe of the bed frame.

17. Bedroom Fairy Lights

fairy lights in boho bedroom

Fairy lights combined with boho colors like deep orange and beige are such a nice combination. It creates a really cozy and warm atmosphere.

You can place fairy lights on the wall or near your windows.

18. Clear White Bookshelf

clear white bookshelf

If there is extra space in your bedroom, adding a white glass bookshelf with straw baskets will create a much more cozy vibe.

Add some green plants and straw baskets to decorate this area of the room.

19. Wooden Crate Next To Bed

boho wooden crate next to bed

If you only have a bit of space left in your bedroom, try adding a wooden crate to display some more boho decor.

you can use this crate to store your rolled up boho blankets, a few plants, and some rattan baskets too.

20. Wooden Bed Frame With Plant

boho wooden bed frame with plant

Want a rustic and boho bedroom design? Try adding a wooden bed frame like the one in the photo. For the boho elements, you can add a plant and put it in a rattan basket.

You can even add a throw blanket on the bed.

21. White Fuzzy Plush Bed

boho white fuzzy plush bed

Want to go for a super minimal boho look? This is the bedroom to draw inspiration from. Here we have a fuzzy white plush bed with tons of pillows with neutral colors.

We also have a fuzzy white swivel chair to add to the coziness. Some boho elements here are the dried pampas and the beige lamps.

22. Boho Wall Decor

boho tassels on wall

Need some more boho wall decor ideas? You can try adding more decor pieces made of straw or rattan above your bed.

23. Boho Rattan Circular Lamp

boho rattan ceiling lamp

Ceiling lamps really tie in the entire look of the room. So for this bedroom, we have an oval-shape rattan lamp.

This lamp matches incredibly well with a boho-style bed. This boho bed has deep orange bedsheets which is very on-theme.

24. Dark Green Bedsheets

boho bed with dark green colors

Dark green bed sheets are also a really nice boho decor piece to add to your bedroom.

If you choose to get these bedsheets, make sure you have some dark green pillowcases as well to match.

To add in more natural tones in the bedroom, you can also add some beige color pillows and other beige tones around the room.

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