19 Best Dark Bedroom Ideas to Recreate For Your Room

This post is all about the best dark bedroom ideas.

Dark Bedroom Ideas
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Trying to decorate your room with a dark aesthetic? This post is filled with tons of dark bedroom ideas that give off a moody vibe while also looking modern.

Whether you like dark black rooms or something that appears to be more muted and gray, read till the end to get inspired.

Dark Bedroom Ideas

1. Dark Wood Walls And Black Bed Sheets

wooden walls and black bedsheetsa

If you want to go for a cabin-feel in your bedroom, the one thing that will transform your bedroom is to add dark wood to your walls.

This instantly creates a very cabin and nature-like feel in the room. To go a step further, you can even have black pillowcases and bed sheets to create a dark bedroom feel.

2. Rattan Bed Frame and Muted Green Walls

rattan bed frame and dark green bedroom walls

If you want a darker room but don’t want it to be too dark, go for a muted color like this muted mint green shade.

This color creates a darker ambiance while also looking vibrant at the same time. Some pieces to add to create a darker atmosphere is a lamp with a black base, gray curtains, and black side tables.

3. Dark Pastel Bedroom With Dark Brown Curtains

pastel neutral dark bedroom

This is another bedroom with darker muted colors. The wall color is a darker muted beige shade. When paired with the brown curtains, this room looks incredibly well-balanced.

For the bedsheets, you can choose a slightly darker shade to give off a more darker vibe.

4. Black Paint On One Wall

one side black wall with rattan decor

If you like the look of a black bedroom, try to just paint one side of the wall black and not all four walls black.

Having all four walls black will look way too dark in my opinion. So I would just paint the wall in front of the bed black to create a nice accent wall.

For the other walls, you can go for a more neutral color like beige or light brown.

5. Dark Olive Green Paint On One Wall

olive green bedroom walls

Want to add more natural vibes inside your bedroom? Try painting the wall in front of your bed dark olive green.

This color creates a darker ambiance in the room while also looking sophisticated. Since it’s such a rich green color, it emulates the look of nature so it looks like you’re bringing nature inside your home.

You could paint all four walls with this deep olive green color but if you want to fill part of the room with lighter colors, you can paint the other walls a beige color.

6. Dark Wood Walls

dark wood bedroom walls

For the Japandi interior style, it’s a good idea to add some dark wooden panel on your walls for a dark bedroom aesthetic.

Make sure to choose a type of wood that isn’t too dark but more of a medium to dark shade.

This kind of color pairs extremely well with white and cream-color furniture.

7. Dark Wall With Big Floral Wall Decor

dark walls with flower wall art

Here’s another idea for a black bedroom wall! You can add more colors by placing a set of 3 wall decor above the bed.

In the photo, they used 3 panels of a floral design. This adds a touch of feminine style inside a more masculine black room.

8. Dark Olive Green Wall With Low Bed

olive green wall with low bed

Another way to style a bedroom with dark olive green walls is to choose bedsheets and pillows that have dark earthy colors. This includes yellow mustard, muted dark blue, and charcoal gray colors.

With this combination, the entire room looks very nature-inspired and super unique.

9. Dark Olive Green Wall With Rattan Wall Lamps

dark olive green walls with rattan walls

Going along with the same theme of a dark olive green wall, you can also decorate the room by adding some rattan lamps on the walls as a bedside reading lamp.

This is a really nice decor piece if you want to go for a boho and modern style bedroom look.

To match the boho vibes, you can also add rattan baskets throughout the whole room.

10. Dark Olive Green Wall and Wooden Bench

dark olive green walls with panels

Dark green goes really well with wood decor so for this idea, we’re adding a wooden bench at the end of the bed.

This decor piece creates the feel of being surrounded by trees because we have the dark green and wood details.

11. Dark Nature Wallpaper in Bedroom

dark nature wallpaper

If you’re feeling a little experimental with your bedroom decor, you can try placing a unique nature-inspired wallpaper on your walls.

In the photo, they use a wallpaper with green and yellow trees. This wallpaper creates an entirely different vibe than if you were to just paint the walls dark green.

It adds so much more interesting details and will definitely wow any guests over at your home.

12. Muted Leaf Wallpaper

dark leaf bedroom wallpaper

Speaking of wallpapers, you can also use one that is a little more basic if you want something more minimal.

For this bedroom design, they used a light muted green color with white leaves in the design.

This wallpaper paired with a plush dark brown bed frame is an amazing combination.

13. Dark Green Walls

dark green walls bedroom

Instead of olive green, you could go for the dark green shade in this photo. If you pair it with other colors like orange and dried pampas, this could be a really good boho bedroom design.

14. Dark Blue Bedroom Walls

dark blue walls bedroom

If you love bold colors, consider painting your bedroom with a dark rich blue color. It creates a very luxurious feeling that also looks sophisticated.

Adding some shades of mustard yellow in the bedroom also looks really nice.

15. Dark Black Walls With White Plush Bed Frame

black walls with panels bedroom

If you like a very simple, modern, but sophisticated bedroom design, take inspiration from this one. You can paint the wall behind your bed black, get a light gray plush bed frame, and a black bench at end of the bed.

Add a chunky knit throw to add more cozy vibes.

16. Black Walls and Wooden Bed Frame

black walls and wooden bed frame

A very minimal but also luxurious bedroom design is to paint the wall black and also get a dark wooden bed frame.

The wooden frame makes the whole bedroom look simple and filled with natural materials.

17. Black Walls With Mirrors On Both Sides

black walls and mirrors on both sides

Another idea to add more space and to brighten a black bedroom is to add long rectangular mirrors on both sides of the bed.

This is a nice feature to not only widen the space but also go with the bedside decor as well.

18. Black Curtains and Black Bedsheets

black curtains and black bed sheets

If painting your walls black is too much for you, you have black curtains and black bed sheets instead to add some dark features in the room.

This way, you can leave your walls white or a neutral color while also incorporating sophisticated elements to your room.

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