Less is More: 23 Inspiring Minimalist Home Decor Ideas

This post is all about minimalist home decor ideas.

minimalist home decor ideas
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Generally, when people talk about minimalism, they refer to it as clutter-free rooms, white walls, or the lack of home decorations.

However, according to Anisha Clarke, an interior design director at Ishka Design, minimalism also means creative and thought-out storage that provides more than just an aesthetically pleasing home accent.

Indeed, a minimalist home is more than just having less items but also making sure that everything is functional. With minimalism, you don’t have to buy items with too many details. Just use minimalist styles and simple designs, and prepare for an effortless makeover. 

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist home decor ideas for your newly-bought and newly-furnished houses, or giving a new revamp to your existing home decor, these suggestions are made for you.

Minimalist Home Decor Ideas

1. Black and White Sofa Set

black and white sofa set
PHOTO: grandejoy

The black-and-white living area is the masterpiece of every minimalist home. 

Mixing and matching a white sofa set with black details might be tricky, but learn how to discover how to do it in a complementary way. This color combination gives off an aesthetic vibe that you’ll surely feel comfortable with.

No vibrant out-of-place colors, just pure neutral and monochromatic. Yet, makes your home extra homey!

2. Bubble Cloud Sofa in your Living Corner

Bubble Cloud Sofa in your Living Corner
PHOTO: glossyangel

A simple bubble cloud sofa for your family area is absolutely necessary. 

Make sure that every corner of your home blends in with your minimalist theme. This chunky sofa set is the best example of “well-blended.”

Designed with white neutral details around its place, this is perfect for your lazy days and random chitchats with your family members. Brings a cozy vibe, especially during rainy days.

3. Black Contemporary Tinted Coffee Table

Black Contemporary Tinted Coffee Table
PHOTO: williamwoodmirrors.co.uk

Another black and white idea for your living area, but this time, the center of attention belongs to the black contemporary coffee table. 

If you can’t survive a day without drinking your favorite coffee and are lazy enough to buy one outside, make sure to have a tinted coffee table perfect for your coffee needs.

It blends well with the dark-themed living area, especially a black sofa. Don’t forget your magazines and books for a good read while enjoying a cup of your favorite caffeine.

4. Minimalist Bedroom Wallart

Minimalist Bedroom Wallart
PHOTO: etsy.com

Wall art canvasses add more power to your minimalism. If you want to achieve this vibe, set aside your colorful pieces because they might not fit your color scheme. Instead, opt for a simple canvas with an abstract detail. Random beige, white, and black colors are highly recommended.

5. White Study Corner Set

White Study Corner Set
PHOTO: ༺♡༻

Room tours are actually a thing nowadays. From the trendy videos and vlogs, you often see a pleasing study area which, from the looks of it, can motivate you to study harder. Why not try a white study-colored area and become a vlogger who covers minimalist desk areas? This is your sign to do so! But before that, prepare your white cozy table and chair study set, as well as your desktop designs aligned with your color scheme.

6. Body Mirror beside a Vanity Table

Body Mirror beside a Vanity Table
PHOTO: Leah Sweeney

The ultimate favorite of every fashion icon. 

Dressing up is fun and exciting, especially if you can see your ootd reflection before going out. Boosts confidence and elegance. 

This full-length body mirror is a great way to style one of the corners of your house. Whether inside your room or outside. Best if put beside a vanity set. It’s so minimalistically necessary.

7. Hanging Basket Hammock

Hanging Basket Hammock
PHOTO: Obsessed4interiors

Relax and enjoy the view from your balcony with a hanging basket hammock made with rattan. The complementary factor it gives for being placed in a white and neutral themed corner is unmatched. Its features make it appealing, one thing your visitors notice when you have a hangout time with them.

8. Fluffy White Pampas Grass Decor in a Vase

Fluffy White Pampas Grass Decor in a Vase
PHOTO: offerup.co

One thing to achieve a minimalist design is to add a fluffy white pampas grass decor in your home. Accompanied with a big white vase, pampas grass is one way to achieve an instagram-worthy place. Unlike any other grass plants for indoor design, this grass is is artificial so you can keep it as long as you want. 

9. White Curvy Whole Body Mirror

White Curvy Whole Body Mirror
PHOTO: °~•♥︎sam♥︎•~°

Another body mirror to give curvy and wavy feels to your plain paint background. 

Minimalist decors are often characterized by neutral colors. After choosing your ideal themes and background, it’s now time to play with shapes and choose something wavy. Perfect for your mirror selfies and fashion showcase. This is something eye-catching and worth the vibe. 

10. Pink Wavy Bookshelf

Pink Wavy Bookshelf
PHOTO: ⟡ ᴊᴇɴ⟡

Nothing beats pink when talking about minimalism.

Decorate your home with a pop of pink and aesthetically pleasing wavy bookshelf. This is for the bookworms out there whose life belongs to books, and whose first loves are from their favourite fictions. For a minimalist attack, make sure not to compress books per section.

11. Metal Corner Bookshelf

Metal Corner Bookshelf
PHOTO: wayfair.com

A tailored bookshelf, with 5-tiers section, is a must-have home decor to consider having. Not just it allows to store a number of books, but it also gives museum-like feels to your lovely interior. Aside from books, you can also put tiny elements in the shelf. Or, opt adding a some lights to make the outlines highlighted.

12. Modern Fluted-Door Stand for Television

Modern Fluted-Door Stand for Television
PHOTO: bedbathandbeyond.com

Televisions are never missing in every home. Whether it’s for family time or personal binge watching of favorite series, you’ll not be wrong with it. 

Whether you’re into different styles, a wooden fluted-door stand, embraced with modernity and contemporary accents, is the perfect stand your TV needs. Plus, best if it matches your chunky floor mat. 

13. King Size Platform Bed for the Master Bedroom

King Size Platform Bed for the Master Bedroom
PHOTO: amazon.com

Every house has its master bedroom that is known for its wide space, its own bathroom, or a walk-in closet. There are a variety of things to design for your master room. But one thing that’s always included and never missing is a king-sized bed, something home-like and cozy where you can spend most of your time.

14. Black Circular Mirror in the Powder Room

Black Circular Mirror in the Powder Room

Reach your minimalist vision to your powder rooms! 

The goal is to make everything minimalist so make sure to extend your efforts to your restrooms. A black circular mirror can do magic to your interior design while also making your powder room extraordinary. Its black outlines make it appear accentuated.

15. Heart-shaped Wall Shelf

Heart-shaped Wall Shelf
PHOTO: Elizabeth Jane Denton

Another moment to incorporate creative shapes into your minimalist setup. Make your walls decorative and artistic by styling it with a heart-shaped wall shelf, marked by its simplicity. Store your favorite books, supplies, or anything else you want to put in it.

16. Asteria Pendant Hanging Lamps

Asteria Pendant Hanging Lamps
PHOTO: lampemesteren

Add lighting to your dining table with hanging lamps that extend close down. Slowly becoming popular with modern house designs, Asteria pendant lights are extremely romantic. You can turn it on while other main lights are turned on to increase lighting, or make it the only centerpiece with lights on to make the background darker. It gives you a spotlight on your table.

17. Pink Ribbed Pilar Scented Candles

Pink Ribbed Pilar Scented Candles
PHOTO: Запалюй

If you’re a fan of scented candles, you might love a pastel pink one characterized by its ribbed accent. 

This is perfect for your rooms and living areas, adding a pop of pastel palette to the plainness of the surroundings. The aroma and ambiance smells good and feels light because of its fragrance. Making it addictive and for-keeps.

18. Asymmetrical Wooden Frame Mirror

Asymmetrical Wooden Frame Mirror
PHOTO: etsy.com

If your goal is to flaunt the wooden dominance in your house (or a specific area, let’s say), opt for a wooden frame mirror. You can put it vertically or horizontally, depending on how fit it is for your design. Either way, this mirror will look good with anything. Highly recommend adding in a corner with wooden floorings and natural wood home decorations.

19. Retro Bedside Night Stand Table

 Retro Bedside Night Stand Table
PHOTO: wayfair.com

Mix classicism with mid-century modern home style in a bevelled design retro night stand. It is minimalistic and unfussy, but can be a perfect match for your living area and bedrooms. You can put your personal necessities in there, plus your gadgets and accessories. Anything you want to put into will be okay as long as it’s small and fits inside the drawer.

20. Minimalist Wall Art Frames

Minimalist Wall Art Frames
PHOTO: stem_arch

Bedrooms must be designed and made with artistic features based on the preferences of its owner. 

If you prefer a minimalistic room, minimize details and structural offsets by designing it with something conducive to your eyes. Something that will make you feel at home and comfy. A relaxing sight to consider is a minimalist wall art frame. One is enough, but it’s best if you can line up more to not make your walls empty.

21. Golden Planters for Greenery Decor

Golden Planters for Greenery Decor
PHOTO: mason.home

Discover the harmony of nature and minimalism by elevating your home style with indoor plants. A fresher both for your mind and heart. 

Tall green plants need a large base and support, so make sure to put them in big planters. Such a perfect blend of natural beauty and contemporary decor. Plus, its existence is a healing factor if you’re having a bad day.

22. White Neutral Canvas

White Neutral Canvas
PHOTO: kennethlingdesign

A stylish and modern home design can be achieved by incorporating relaxing framed canvas. A simple way to make your living space packed, but not too packed to appear fussy. A single rectangular neutral canvass is already enough to make your home look like it’s a dreamy place to be. And, make sure to put on a canvas that matches perfectly with other items close to it. 

23. Transparent Office Chair

 Transparent Office Chair
PHOTO: 0cm

If you’re a student or a corporate worker, you probably want a place for your paperworks and businesses. It doesn’t have to be grand. A monochromatic set is already enough to make your work easier. Of course, you have to pick a chair that is comfy for you. 

How about a transparent one for your desk? It surely is matchy with any color palette, but more blended if added in a minimalistic place. 

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