22+ Best Coastal Home Decor Ideas To Bring In Beach Vibes

This post is all about the best coastal home decor ideas.

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Need some ideas on how to decorate your home with coastal decor? This post shows you 22+ breezy and airy coastal decor ideas that turn your home into a comfortable beach home.

Whether you like a more minimal coastal vibe or something more extravagant, we have ideas for you in this post.

Coastal Home Decor Ideas

1. White Rattan End Table With Rattan Decor

white end table with rattan decor

One of the easiest coastal decor furniture pieces to add to your living room is a white end table with more coastal decor pieces like a white coral reef, rattan baskets, and a white lamp.

This look incredibly nice next to a white couch and it’s also functional as well.

2. White Bed With Light Blue Pillows

white bed with light blue pillows

The perfect coastal bedroom look is a white bed filled with white bed sheets and light blue pillows.

This is such a simple design but it looks very beachy and ocean-inspired.

You can even add one or two wall frames of the beach to bring in more coastal vibes into your bedroom space.

3. White and Rattan TV Console Table

white and rattan tv stand

If you want to decorate your TV area with coastal decor pieces, try getting a white and rattan TV console to not only place under your TV but also as a nice storage piece.

To decorate it even more, you can add a small plant, some woven decor pieces, and picture frames.

4. Under the Stairs Blue Bench

under the stairs blue bench

If there’s some extra space under your stairs, fill it up with a blue bench, blue throws, and some pillows. This is the perfect little corner to relax and read a book.

It looks even more on theme if you add some white horizontal panels to the walls.

5. Rattan Chairs With White Cushions

rattan living room

If you have some extra space in your living room, one of the best ways to add more seating is to add some rattan chairs with white cushions.

The kind of chair is very nice for matching the breezy coastal vibes.

You can even add a blue woven rug underneath to invite more coziness and warmth into the space.

6. Rattan Bench With Beach Wall Art

rattan bench with rattan dresser in bedroom

Want to add more seating to your bedroom area? Try getting a rattan bench with white cushions and pair it with a big art frame of the beach.

The light colors really do a good job of brightening the entire bedroom.

7. Rattan Bar Cart

rattan bar cart

Adding a rattan bar cart in your kitchen or living room is the perfect piece, especially if you like to host often.

You can place some drinks here, sparkling water, some books, plants, and candles.

8. Pastel Blue Bathroom Cabinets

pastel blue bathroom cabinets

Want to bring the coastal vibes into the bathroom as well? Try painting your cabinets with a pastel blue color.

Just by doing that, your entire bedroom will look beachy and airy. Add a plant or two to add some nature into the space as well.

9. Outdoor Patio White Chair and Blue Pillows

outdoor patio chair with blue pillows

If you have a balcony or an outdoor patio, adding an outdoor white couch with blue pillows is a must.

Especially if you have a view of the beach or water, having this set up with allow you to enjoy the view so much more.

10. Luxury Blue Tiles Shower

luxury blue shower

One way to bring the coastal vibes into the shower is by adding blue tiles like these ones in the photo. You can add them to the walls of the shower to mimic the look and feel of being by the ocean.

You can do this even if you have a small shower.

11. Light Wood Dining Table With Gray Woven Chairs

light wood dining table with blue rattan chairs

If you want to add wood to your coastal home, the key is to choose a light wood color that has a seamless finish.

For this design, they added a light wooden table and also some woven dining chairs around the table.

To add some more greenery and nature, you can place some white flowers as the centerpiece.

12. Blue Bar Stools


If you have a large island, try adding some blue bar stools to go with coastal decor vibe. These stools add a nice pop of blue while also looking very minimal at the same time.

To decorate even more, you can even add some green plants in blue vases.

13. Light Blue Shelves Besides TV

light blue shelves beside TV

If you’re going for a modern farmhouse and coastal interior style, try adding shelves to the right and left of your TV and fill those shelves with coastal decor pieces.

That includes white coral reefs, plants, and more. Paint the shelves with a light blue color to match the vibe even more.

14. Light Blue Rug and Back Bed Frame

light blue bedroom rug and bed back frame

Another coastal bedroom style to try is to lay a blue rug underneath the bed along with a large blue back bed frame.

You can even add a piece of driftwood above your bed to bring elements of the beach inside your bedroom.

15. Four White Chairs and Blue Pillows

four white chairs with blue pillows

If you want to have big chairs instead of a sofa in your coastal living room, try this.

Here we have a set of 4 matching white accent chairs along with a light pastel blue pillow on each chair.

You can also add some light blue curtains as well on the sides to really transform this room.

16. Floating Coastal Shelves Decor

floating wall coastal decor

If you have one wall that is quite plain, try to use this photo as inspiration to decorate it. You can install some white floating shelves and place some of your favorite decor pieces on there.

You can even install a few blue or gray cabinets at the bottom as more storage and to add some color into the space.

17. Entryway Beach Decor

entryway bench with beach decor

An amazing way to decorate your entryway is by adding a large light wood bench along with some rattan baskets to store loose items.

Above the bench, you can place a blue and white abstract painting to decorate the walls.

You can even add some lamps onto the wall for some dim low lighting.

18. Blue Sofa and Blue Wall Decor

blue sofa and blue wall decor

If you really want your living room to have as much blue as possible without being too overwhelming, you can try add one darker blue sofa and one white sofa to mix and match.

You can also add both white and blue pillows to both couches to mix the colors.

Add some bright blue wall prints as well.

19. Blue Pattern Bathroom Wallpaper

blue pattern bathroom wallpaper

If you’re feeling adventurous, try decorating your bathroom walls with a unique blue pattern wallpaper.

You can even paint the bathroom cabinet blue to further match the coastal vibes.

20. Dark Blue Wallpaper In Office

dark blue wallpaper behind floating shelves in office

If you need some ideas on how to decorate your work office with a coastal feel, take this photo as inspiration.

You can add pops of blue by adding blue wallpaper behind the area where you floating shelves. This creates more a subtle coastal design.

If you are feeling bold, you paint the whole side of one wall with that dark blue color.

21. Blue and White Curtains

blue and white curtains

In your bedroom, curtain make a huge difference in how your room looks and feels. So to create a more coastal feel, you can add some light blue and white curtains to the room.

Make sure to install the curtains at the highest point possible so enlarges the room.

22. Beach Wall Decor

beach wall decor

Whenever you have extra white space on the walls, you can add a beach wall art or some beachy elements to walls.

These simple elements really make a huge difference in create a coastal and beachy atmosphere in your home.

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