My Brutally Honest Enviroscent Review: Is It Worth It?

Enviroscent Review

Enviroscent is one of the most talked about natural air fresheners made with non toxic ingredients. They have good reviews on Amazon and their website but I wanted to find out if it’s actually as good as what the reviews say.

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So I tested the Plug Hub and Car Vent Clips from Enviroscent and I’m here to show you what I found!

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My Non Toxic Air Freshener Journey

If you read my post on the best non toxic air fresheners, I expressed how much bad smells are a pet peeve of mine. Once I smell something musty in my home or on my clothes, I need to get rid of it ASAP.

So I’ve tried so many air fresheners to find the best one. Before living a more non-toxic lifestyle, I used to use conventional air fresheners like Febreeze and Glade. They always gave me headaches and later realized it was because of toxic chemicals in air fresheners.

Ever since using non toxic products, I discovered Enviroscent and decided to give it a try.

It’s safe to say it’s become one of my favorite non toxic air fresheners to use in my home and in my car. But I’m very particular with the scents I like from Enviroscent and we’ll get into that later in the post.

Let’s get into my honest Enviroscent review!

Types of Enviroscent Air Fresheners

Enviroscent has a variety of different air freshener products for your home and car. These are the types of air fresheners they have.

Enviroscent Plug Hub Reviews

The plug hug is hands down my favorite product from Enviroscent. It comes in a convenient scented puck that’s packaged in a tin (that’s reusable!). You just need to insert the puck into the wall plug and then stick it in the outlet.

Within 2 minutes, I could already smell the scent. I plugged it into an outlet in my living room. I have a medium-sized living room and I could smell it from far away. I was quite amazed at how strong yet natural the scent was.

enviroscent plug in air freshener

I’ve gone through many air fresheners where I could not smell the scent so I was so happy to see that it works.

View Enviroscent’s Plug Hub here.

Enviroscent Car Vent Clip Reviews

My car is one place I feel gets musty smells all the time. So I like to use some sort of odor absorber plus a car air freshener to get the best results.

I tried the Enviroscent Car Vent and it was super easy to use. Like the Plug Hub, you just need to scented puck out of the tin and place it into the vent clip.

If you prefer to have something hanging on your front mirror, they have Enviroscent sticks which is a good option too.

View Enviroscent car vent clip here.

Enviroscent Scents

I tried the Sea Salt + Aloe and Spring Water + Lotus scents.

At first, I liked the Spring Water + Lotus a lot. However, slowly, the scent had a bit of a unpleasant bathroom smell to it. Not sure if it was just because it was mixing in with the musty smells in my car. But many people adore that scent so there’s mixed opinions about it.

If I were to describe the scent of Spring Water + Lotus, I’d say it smells a bit like fresh laundry with a little bit of sweetness.

enviroscent packaging

But Sea Salt + Aloe is one of my all-time favorite scents! In my opinion, it’s the best Enviroscent scent because it smells a lot like fresh aloe with a subtle hint of sweetness.

My second favorite scent is the Lemon Leaf + Thyme. The citrus from the lemon smells so fresh and is nicely balanced out with the herbal scent of thyme.

I’ve read reviews online and many people say the Plug Hub scents only lasted 2 weeks. But based on my experience, they lasted the full 45 days which is what Enviroscent states.

View the list of all Enviroscent’s scents here.

Other Enviroscent Products

Enviroscent also has some other nontoxic air freshener products. You can check them out:

enviroscent diffuser

Is Enviroscent actually safe?

Yes, Enviroscent is actually safe. They have a “never” list that states the toxic ingredients they never put in their air fresheners.

This includes free from acetone, BHT, carcinogens, dimethicone, formaldehyde, methylisothiazolinone, neurotoxicants, parabens, phosphates, phthalates, reproductive toxins, and so much more.

Here is the full list:

enviroscent never list

Enviroscent Review

Pros of Enviroscent

  • Non Toxic: Free from the most toxic chemicals oftentimes found in conventional air fresheners.
  • Eco-Friendly: The packaging is 100% plastic free. The wall plugs and car vent clips are all reusable. You just need to buy the Enviroscent refills which also come in zero-waste packaging.
  • Many Scents: Enviroscent has many different scents to choose from including more fresh scents to spice scents.
  • Liquid Free: In my opinion, this is the biggest benefit of Enviroscent over other nontoxic air fresheners. I find that liquid air fresheners tend to cause spills or leftover residue on my hands.
enviroscent plug

Cons of Enviroscent

  • Did not like all the scents: Scents are very based on personal preference. So the fact that I don’t like the Spring Water + Lotus scent absolutely doesn’t mean you won’t like it. It might even be your favorite scent!
  • Cannot Control Scent Intensity: Once you set up your Enviroscent air freshener, you can’t adjust the intensity of the scent. The scent might be too strong if you have the plug hub in a very small bedroom, for example. But the good thing is that Enviroscent has air fresheners that fit every room size. Just click on the Enviroscent homepage and they’ll list options for every room size.

Where to Buy Enviroscent

The best places to buy Enviroscent are Amazon and the Enviroscent website. I have an Enviroscent discount code for you.

You can get 10% off with code GENTLE10 using this link here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Enviroscent last?

Enviroscent states that all their scents last a minimum of 30+ days. Some bigger-size products like the Plug Hub can last over 45+ days. Many reviews have stated that they only 2 weeks. But based on my experience, my Plug Hub still had scent close to the 45 day mark.

Does Enviroscent smell good?

Yes it does! My favorite scent is the Sea Salt + Aloe. My least favorite scent was the Spring Water + Lotus.

Is Enviroscent safe for dogs?

Yes, Enviroscent is safe for dogs and pets. It’s recommended to let dogs stay away from the scents.

Some essential oils are actually toxic to dogs. Since Enviroscent is formulated with essential oils that are the least toxic for pets, it’s safe for dogs.

Enviroscent is also non-liquid so it won’t cause spills which means your furry ones will less likely get into contact with the product.

So, Is Enviroscent Worth It?

That’s a wrap on my honest review on Enviroscent products! So, is Enviroscent worth it? Yes, totally.

If you don’t care about controlling the scent intensity and want non toxic scents, Enviroscent is a good choice. But if you have a really sensitive nose and want to be able to control the scent, I’d recommend the Pura diffuser.

Are you deciding between Enviroscent vs Pura? I have a full guide all about Pura diffusers.

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