21 Best Mid Century Bedroom Ideas For Timeless Elegance

This post is all about the Best Mid Century Bedroom Ideas.

21 best Mid Century Bedroom ideas
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Characterized by classic vintage and elegance, mid-century interior designs are popularly used and applied in every home to achieve timeless home ambiance and beauty. Whether it’s the old time design or the modern mid-century vibe. Its functionality is topnotch, so you’ll never ever go wrong with it. 

For your bedroom, mid-century decorations and styles are your ultimate go-to. Its characteristics are your weapon, making your bedroom the best place in your homes. These ideas will guide you on how to make your bedrooms like this!

Mid Century Bedroom Ideas

1. Wooden Bedside Nightstand

Wooden Bedside Nightstand

One special feature of every mid-century bedroom style is its wooden highlight. Start off with your bedside nightstand. 3-drawer levels that could be used as storage for your important gadgets and documents.

Plus, a functional table that can be designed with modern lamps and flowers. Best if put beside a wooden-bed, making your bedroom awesomely balanced.

2. Minimalist Framed Canvas

Minimalist Framed Canvas
PHOTOS: edwardgeorgelondon.com

For the lovers of minimalism, incorporate your minimalist framed canvas in your bedroom to achieve a mid-century vibe.

You can place it anywhere in your room, but ideally perfect if put just above your bed board. Anything minimalist will do, even a lined one that might appear plain, but could be the best wall art in your homey room. You can also use white blankets or bed sheets to make a matchy statement while in the center of a wooden theme.

3. Natural Green Plants

Natural Green Plants
PHOTOS: homedii.com

Another key feature of every mid-century room is the use of natural plants and indoor greenery designs. 

If you’re thinking that indoor plants can only be displayed in your living rooms and balconies, you’re completely wrong. You never know, maybe it could heal you best in your bedrooms! Of course, with its refreshing and natural feel, you’ll wake up and sleep with a light heart.

Nothing beats the beauty of living green plants. It’s a great polisher if your goal is to make your mid-century bedroom noticeable.

4. Retro Chic Wooden Drawers

Retro Chic Wooden Drawers
PHOTOS: Mid Century Modern Bedroom

Another wooden design for your mid-century bedroom designs! 

For a retro chic aesthetic, your wooden drawers and dressers must be aligned with your overall theme. If you want to make a corner or a side of your room mid-centric, you can add a wooden 6-dresser for your clothes and accessories.

A mirror above it is a plus. Don’t be afraid to mix and match decors. Make sure to make it your own vibe, but with a touch of contemporary accents.

5. Oak Wall Shelf

Oak Wall Shelf
PHOTOS: tenzofurniture

Whether it’s pasted in your walls, hanging, or having table stands, oak wall shelves are perfect for your bedroom decors. Not just it serves a functional purpose and role for your books and stuffs, but also a statement that will make your room more spacious and wide.

Letting some of your things be included in your shelves, and maximizing your space for other mid-century decors and displays.

6. Mid-century Table Lamp

Mid-century Table Lamp
PHOTOS: Walmart

A unique lamp with a modern accent and brown shade feature. 

Make your rooms modish yet classically designed with modern mid-century table lamps. Add lights to your rooms and make your sleep comfortable with a mid-century lamp that produces effective dim lights, good for relaxation and comfort.

You can have your emo night with the dramatic light while staring at your ceilings. Just before sleeping to help you have a piece of mind.

7. White Lamp with Transparent Stand

White Lamp with Transparent Stand
PHOTOS: Target

A modern twist for your bedrooms. Placed on top of a wooden bedside nightstand, this lamp is practically perfect if you want to add a shade of modernity to your room.

Just like how it adds light to your rooms, especially if you want to turn off your lights before sleeping but still with a touch of a few light shades, this lamp helps in making a statement. Making your rooms more extraordinary and warm.

8. 7-Drawer Dresser

7-Drawer Dresser
PHOTOS:  west elm

For your clothes, dresses, and necessary accessories, a 7-drawer dresser is a convenient choice for that. Designed to store a huge capacity of things, it’s a convenient decor that functions well while giving a great vibe. Perfect if you have a lot of clothes. This is a storage you might need!

9. Solid Wood Night Stand

Solid Wood Night Stand
PHOTOS: Walmart

Another wooden nightstand, but this time, make it dual! 

Resort to simple wood nightstands not one, but two. If your goal is to add more mid-centric mood accents to your bedrooms, making a nightstand doubled is never wrong. A twinny design that makes double better than one. Appears completely mesmerizing to look, yet usefully great for your things.

10. Yellow Orange Abstract Canvas

Yellow Orange Abstract Canvas
PHOTOS: Edward George London

Add a creative pop of abstract paints to your wall-art canvas. If you’re a painter and art lover, you can opt to paint it yourself for free therapy. By looking at it, you’ll appreciate your hands for the beauty it always produces. But, if you’re not, it’s okay.

You can just buy an abstract canvas, with any design as you want, but highly recommended to choose a sunset colored theme, yellow and orange combined. Or, you can add other colors as you wish as long as those two colors remain dominant.

11. Wooden Single-Seat Armchair

Wooden Single-Seat Armchair
PHOTOS: Edward George London

When you’re into woods and classic vintage, adding a single-seat armchair is the best choice. While it blends naturally with the background, it also serves as your rest place.

You can read books there, or do nothing! Or, you can just sit there facing your interior to appreciate your mid-century room.

12. Wooden Cabinet

Wooden Cabinet

If you’re not a fan of drawer dressers, you can incorporate a cabinet in your room. Perfect if you love hanging clothes and avoiding crumpled results. It’s a convenient piece of art that could help you find clothes easier, without digging your drawers and making a mess. Also, it is a good decor that gives your room a vintage accent.

13. Wooden Vanity Mirror

Wooden Vanity Mirror
PHOTOS: kim vazquez

For the one who loves dressing up and checking themselves up after they apply makeups before leaving their homes, a vanity mirror is a must-have. Let’s add a twist by making it wooden and more mid-centric, placed above a vanity desk which contains your makeup and girly products. This mirror matches the vanity table well, making it more in harmony and timeless.

14. Mushroom Lamp

Mushroom Lamp

A creatively modern lamp that may appear rare, but has great features that will make your room more attractive than ever. 

If you want to try new things and go beyond the usual, get you a mushroom-style lamp that isn’t just a piece of your necessity, but a definition of room art. Its glassy and creative feature can be the best choice of additional light, and you’ll be more addicted to it than you ever expect. A must-try!

15. Rattan Chaise Lounge

Rattan Chaise Lounge
PHOTOS: lonefoxhome

For the one who loves to rest, this masterpiece is insanely necessary!

Try a rattan woven chaise lounge, good for indoor and outdoor relaxation use. Best if put inside your room to make your relaxation extra comfy and cozy, making your Sunday rest a thing that you’ll always look forward to. Not to mention that it’s not commonly found, but can be customized and personalized just for you.

16. BedBoard Wall Art Canvas Background

PHOTOS: kellyhopterinteriors

Something big and decorative for your headboard background. 

Why not try a large piece of art placed just behind your bed? Creating harmony and balance between the features in your room, especially the masterpiece outcome it may produce to make your room even more astonishing.

It makes your headboard more attractive, designed to blend in with the design of your walls and the layout of your bed.

17. Painted Gray Flower Pot

Painted Gray Flower Pot
PHOTOS: christingracehome

Add flowers to your mid-century rooms!

Flowers are the universal synonym of beauty and serenity. For an amazing piece of nature, you can opt to add fresh flowers in your bedrooms, placed in a blue flower pot. It’s not just a symbol of freshness, but a definition of hope. That at the very end of the day, there’s beauty in this world that can be found in your rooms, and that if you’re having a bad day, you’ll surely get better in time.

18. Light Brown Cloud Sofa

Light Brown Cloud Sofa
PHOTOS: kellywearstler

Make yourself comfortable in a cloud sofa placed in your bedroom. If you love hanging out with your friends, and if you love inviting them to your rooms, this piece of comfy decor is an enveloping item that can give them a welcoming vibe.

Nothing beats the comfort it can give. Plus, it’s color is completely styled in a mid-centric way that you’ll surely love.

19. Distressed Vintage Night Lamp

Distressed Vintage Night Lamp
PHOTOS: westofmain

Another lamp designs that highlight vintage and classic feels, with a simple touch of contemporary accent. 

This distressed vintage night lamp is proof that old and new styles can be combined to produce best results.

Not just it makes your dark room lighter, but it also makes your rooms aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. It harmonizes well with every piece of statements, highlighting its functionality and creative finish.

20. Floral Wall Art Canvas

PHOTOS: houseandgardenuk

Another floral design but unlike the fresh flower in a pot, it’s a painted piece of art. 

Again, if you love diy decors using your artistic hands, you can paint it yourself creatively as you want. Whether it’s minimalist or fussy, it’s up to you as long as it’s floral. But, if you’re not artistically blessed (which is okay, by the way!), buying an art canvas for your wall art is the best resort. Perfect if placed in a modern room with a bright color.

21. Cream Faux Fur Chair

Cream Faux Fur Chair
PHOTOS: Noorafagh

For your office desks, study area, or vanity, a soft modern chair is something that you need. Designed with its furry feature, it’s a comfy place that makes your work extra productive and easier. It also has a simple yet chic accent. Highly recommended to be matched with everything, even a wooden desk that makes it even more emphasized.

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