19 Amazing Green Kitchen Ideas To Be Inspired By

This post is all about the best green kitchen ideas.

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Are you renovating your kitchen and thinking about doing a green kitchen?

Whether you want to go all out on a green kitchen or add some small details, this post will show you 19 beautiful green kitchens to be inspired by.

This post includes dark green kitchens, light green kitchens, and even kitchens with more playful green colors. Read on to get the ultimate inspiration for your home!

Green Kitchen Ideas

1. Antique Green Kitchen

antique green kitchen

If your house already has a rustic or farmhouse decor style, you can try maintaining that similar aesthetic in the living room. For this kitchen, we have the cabinets and walls painted with a dark forest green color.

This is such a beautiful color for a rustic kitchen because it’s moody and gives off the feeling of being in nature.

To decorate further, you can add a rustic wooden island. You can even install wooden countertops but also can go for a white marble countertop for a more modern style.

2. Dark Forest Green Kitchen With Gold Hardware


If you want a minimal green kitchen, this is the one to take inspiration from. Here we have a small kitchen painted with a deep green shade on both the bottom and upper cabinets.

The countertops are white which creates a more modern aesthetic. They also added gold hardware.

To tie in the entire green aesthetic, they also painted the hood vent with the same green color.

3. Dark Green Kitchen With White Panels Backsplash

dark green kitchen white vertical panels farmhouse

For a green farmhouse kitchen, you can install green lower cabinets and also vertical white panels as the backsplash.

They also added modern gray countertops to create a slightly more modern look.

I love the combination of the wooden open shelves as well which further adds to the farmhouse design.

4. Dark Green Kitchen With Floating Shelves

dark green kitchen with floating shelves

If you want a modern almost industrial-inspired green kitchen, you’ll love this one. Here we have an open kitchen with dark forest green cabinets.

The white marble countertops, gold hardware, and simple white open shelving really make the whole kitchen look extra modern.

5. Dark Green Vintage Kitchen

dark vintage green kitchen

Want to go for a more eclectic green kitchen style? Try pairing a richer dark green color for the cabinets with black and white tiled floors.

The floors do such a good job at making the entire kitchen feel more moody and old fashioned.

Since this has a vintage-like feel, you can also add more vintage details like bronze pots and pans.

6. Electic Green Kitchen

electic green kitchen

Speaking of electric kitchen styles, another style to consider is choosing a dark but bright dark green color for the cabinets and kitchen island.

One of of the kitchen walls, try adding a big painting with a very interesting bright color to create that electric feel.

To tone it down, you can add more simple pieces like those rattan bar stools.

7. Farmhouse Light Green Kitchen

farmhouse light green kitchen

If you want a green kitchen but want to keep it extremely minimal and lowkey, try choosing a light green color.

This color goes really well with the farmhouse decor aesthetic especially when you add black handles to the cabinets.

To make it even more farmhouse style, you can install white panels as the backsplash.

8. Green Cabinets With Glass

green cabinets with glass

Want a French-inspired green kitchen? Take inspiration from this one. Here we have dark forest green cabinets with glass doors. Cabinets with glass doors is a detail often seen in French homes.

We also have the kitchen island with the same shade of green.

To create a more luxurious look, you can add gold hardware including the a gold sink faucet and gold cabinet handles.

9. Green Kitchen For Small Spaces

green kitchen for small spaces

Even if you have a small space in the kitchen, you can still make it look work with a green kitchen. You can install the kitchen against one side of the wall and install tons of green cabinets to have extra space.

Since we need this kitchen to fit into a small space, it’s best to choose a more pastel sage green color so it go well with other parts of your home.

10. Green Kitchen Island With White Cabinets


Maybe you want a green accents in your kitchen but don’t want to commit to a full-on green kitchen? This idea is perfect.

Keep your top cabinets white and only have green cabinets on the bottom cabinets.

This makes the kitchen look more modern and minimal.

11. Green Kitchen With Sunroof

green kitchen with sunroof

Most people love the color green because it reminds them of nature. If that’s you, it’s the perfect addition to add a sunroof if that’s possible.

It allows more sunlight to come throw and creates the feeling like you’re outdoors surrounded by sunlight and greenery.

12. Light Green Kichen With Wooden Stools

light green kitchen with wooden stools

One color combination I’m in love with is light wood color combined with a light pastel green. This is exactly what this kitchen has.

They have light green pastel cabinets and also light wooden bar stools against the kitchen island.

The light pastel green color is more of a timeless color than compared to a darker green color.

13. Blue Green Color Kitchen

medium green kitchen color

If you want a unique green kitchen, try choosing this blue-green color for your kitchen. It’s definitely a unique color that will stand out.

Since it’s quite bright, you can keep other decor pieces more minimal like simple wooden stools, and minimal counter decor.

14. Minimal Light Green Kitchen

minimal light mint green kitchen

Another minimal kitchen design is to choose a very light, almost pale green color for your entire kitchen. To keep it even more minimal, you can install silver handles.

15. Mint Green Kitchen

mint green kitchen

If you want a slightly more feminine kitchen with green colors, try installing mint kitchen cabinets along with gold hardware detail.

The mint color definitely stands out more compared to just a pastel light green or a forest green kitchen color.

16. Green Kitchen With No Cabinets

no top cabinets green kitchen

If you want the most minimal green kitchen for a small space, you can just have the kitchen stove and sink on one side of the wall.

Also, don’t install any top cabinets and instead add a really unique marble countertop to stand out as the star of the show.

17. Pink and Green Kitchen

pink and green kitchen

Green and pink colors go super well together and if you’re feeling bold and feminine, you can combine these two colors in your kitchen.

Add green for the cabinets and pink as the backsplash.

This design is definitely not for everyone but is certainly a very playful one.

18. Bright Green Kitchen


This kitchen incorporates a very bright green color but it surprisingly works. The whole kitchen looks extremely plain with lots of whites and beige colors.

So by adding the pop of green color, it makes this kitchen look so much more interesting.

19. Dim Lighting With Green Kitchen

wooden floating shelf with lighting

If you have wooden shelf installed in your kitchen, try adding some dim warm light on the bottom of the shelf to add some ambient lighting.

This is a real game changer at night and really sets the warm mood.

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