The Best Non Toxic Desks For A Modern and Comfortable Workspace

10 Best non toxic desks

There are many desks out there but the majority of them actually contain toxic chemicals and intaking those chemicals is not good for your health. Wood itself is a natural material but sometimes the type of finish or oil that is applied may not be non toxic. So we’ve gathered a list of the top ten non toxic desks that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Let’s get into it this list of non-toxic furniture!

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Best Non Toxic Desks

1. FlexiSpot Standard Standing Non Toxic Desk

non toxic desks FlexiSpot

If you’re looking for a sturdy and reliable standing desk, FlexiSpot has some of the best ones. The brand FlexiSpot is one of the most popular standing desk brands in the market. These eco-friendly desks come in a few different types of materials of your choice including bamboo, solid wood, chipboard, fiberboard, and more. Bamboo is a popular option because it’s an incredibly strong material and it also sequesters carbon faster than trees, making it one of the best sustainable materials.

This non toxic office desk is a great choice for anyone who wants a modern or minimal office design. These standing desks are great for saving space as well.

2. Pottery Barn L-Shape Rotating Desk

non toxic pottery barn desk

Pottery Barn has a line of non toxic desks and non-toxic furniture that are made with the highest quality materials and have different styles that fit different office designs. For a modern yet classic office look, this L-Shape rotating desk is perfect to achieve that. The L-shape makes it very functional so you can have more place for storage and the wood desk just hugs you in. The rotating section of the non-toxic desks can be moved out of the way to save space.

This non-toxic desk is made with natural solid mango wood that is sustainably sourced from orchard trees that no longer bear fruit. The wood is kiln-dried so it prevents warping and cracking. This desk is also certified non toxic and has been tested for harmful chemicals and VOCs.

3. MINNA Skagerak Georg Desk

minna non toxic desk

MINNA is a unique boutique shop that sells a variety of different sustainable and one-of-a-kind goods for the home. Each item in their shop is handmade with care and made with non toxic materials. Their Skagerak Georg Desk is great as a studio desk. It’s made with solid FSC-certified raw oak that’s untreated. Very rarely do you use untreated wood but there are many benefits of it including using it in its natural state and is non toxic.

The desk is designed by Skagerak in Denmark. The non toxic desk is also ethically made by their skilled artisan partners. MINNA is also a certified B Corporation meaning they uphold high social and environmental standards.

4. West Elm Mid-Century Desk

west elm mid modern century desk

West Elm is one of the most popular furniture brands. They have a small line of products that are sustainably sourced and non toxic. This mid-century desk is one of them and it’s great for anyone who wants to achieve that vintage mid-century modern office look. This non toxic desk is inspired by the iconic ’50s and ’60s furniture design. It’s also sustainably sourced with kiln-dried wood and is a GREENGUARD Certified desk. The desk was made in a fair trade-certified facility.

Not only is this desk aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also quite functional as well. Many simple wood desks don’t come with much storage space but this one has built-in drawers that are spacious.

5. Pottery Barn Livingston Executive Desk

pottery barn non toxic furniture

If you’re more into a professional and classic desk design, this one is for you. It’s from Pottery Barn and is part of their line of non toxic furniture. This non toxic office desk comes with a ton of storage space with 7 drawers. It’s made with meranti wood which is known for its grain pattern. It’s also kiln-dried so it prevents splitting and warping.

This desk is sustainably made and certified non toxic by testing against harmful chemicals and VOCs.

6. Pottery Barn Dillon Writing Desk

pottery barn white office desk

For those who like an all-white office look, this is the desk you’ve been looking for. It’s also by Pottery Barn and it’s crafted with plywood, poplar, MDF, and oak veneers. It comes with one drawer for storage which is great for placing small items like pens, paper, and books.

These eco friendly desks are made with FSC-certified wood which ensures that the wood meets the highest environmental and social standards. The MDF wood has incredible strength which makes the desk durable and long-lasting. The desk is phthalate, BPA, lead, and latex free.

7. West Elm Wall Desk & Shelf Set

west elm best non toxic desk

If you like the look of a tall shelf with decorations, this wall desk and shelf set is perfect for you. It’s definitely a bigger piece than the other desks on this list but it can serve as both a nice design piece and a functional piece. It’s made with FSC-certified wood with kiln-dried solid eucalyptus wood engineered with an Acacia wood veneer. It’s also covered in a water-based Acorn finish.

This non toxic desk is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified and meets strict standards of chemical and VOC emission standards. The desk and shelf set is made in a fair-trade certified factory.

8. Medley Hank Monitor Desk

medley hank monitor desk

For a simple yet statement desk, this Medley Hank Monitor desk ranks high on our list. The thin legs of the desk add a very minimalistic touch to the design. There is a hand-carved shelf that allows space to place your laptop so it can free up space on your desk. This is a feature that many other desks don’t have.

Each desk from Medley is handmade and it takes around 16 hands to finish making the piece. It’s made with 100% solid hard white maple or American walnut and is FSC-certified and low VOC CARB 2 compliant as well. The finishing oil is plant-based and contains 0% VOC. They also offer free returns.

9. Medley Plyned Desk

medley wood desk non toxic

For those who want a lot of space, this is the table to get. It’s also by Medley, a non toxic furniture brand. The material is made with solid layered bamboo. This can also be made with a trough so your electric cords can run through, allowing your workspace to look organized. The desk is made with sustainably sourced wood and is free of non toxic chemicals.

This is also a great choice for multiple kids to use.

10. Etsy Oakywood Solid Wood Standing Table

Etsy Oakywood desk

Etsy is a great place to look for non toxic computer desks as well. This particular one by the seller Oakywood is unique because it has another mini table set on top of the main table so you can place your desktop monitor on top. It’s an adjustable table made with natural solid oak or walnut wood and hand-polished with natural oil wax. It has rounded edges so it creates a more modern and timeless design.

Each piece is custom made so it’s truly unique.

And that’s a wrap on the best non toxic desks that are both beautifully designed and practical for everyday use! There’s something for everyone on this list whether you like a more minimalist design or a more sophisticated one. Pair these non-toxic desks with a non toxic office chair as well.

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