10 Simple Ways To Live A Healthy Life On A Budget

Is it actually possible to live a healthy life on a budget? Absolutely. In fact, it’s pretty simple. Each month, I save at least $100 USD more than most people I know because I live by these tips. Even though I’m saving more, I’m not neglecting my health. This forces me to be much more intentional about how I spend my money on items that benefit my health and well-being. If you’d like to save more money each month while still living your healthiest life, these tips are for you!

10 Simple Ways To Live A Healthy Life On A Budget

1. Cook more, eat out less

This is probably the fastest way to save a lot of money. Eating out is very pricey and it can easily be double or even triple the amount of money you would spend buying groceries. I’ve made sandwiches for a dollar each while a brunch spot would probably charge close to $10.

2. Cancel subscriptions

Subscriptions can add up really quickly. $10/ month doesn’t seem like a lot but that’s going to be $120 per year. Imagine having 2 or more subscriptions. That would be over $240 per year. I canceled my Spotify and Hulu subscription which saved me a good amount of money each month. After I canceled Spotify, I just used the free version of Spotify and muted my phone when the ads appear.

3. Free online workouts

There are so many YouTube workouts that are really easy to follow along. There are workout tutorials for beginners or advanced and you can practically find any kind of workout on the platform. So instead of paying up for workout classes, try following a YouTube workout.

4. Buy in bulk

A great way to live a healthy life on a budget is to buy in bulk. The next time you go grocery shopping, try buying items in bulk if you know you will be eating that certain food item frequently. If possible, try to shop for most of your groceries in bulk.

5. Don’t waste food

Even though buying in bulk saves you money, that can often lead to food being wasted. So before buying in bulk, be sure to know that you’ll finish all the food. By not wasting food, you can surprisingly save a lot of money.

6. Don’t buy everything organic

You actually don’t need to buy everything organic. The only foods I buy organic are fruits and vegetables that have an edible outer layer like strawberries, apples, and spinach. For fruits and vegetables that have an inedible outer layer, you could opt for inorganic options. This is a great way to live a healthy life on a budget because organic produce is quite expensive.

7. Open the shades

Instead of turning on the lights, try to open the shades as long as possible. This has helped me save me so much on my electricity bill. It’s harder to keep the lights off for a long time in the wintertime, but you could try waking up early when the sun rises to get as much sunlight as possible. Using less electricity is also great for the environment!

8. Buy a few pieces of high-quality activewear

I saved so much on holding back from purchasing an excessive amount of activewear. Instead, I like to buy only a few pieces of high-quality activewear pieces. They’re definitely pricier, but I know they will last me for years. Plus, buying good activewear helps motivate me to workout. My favorite sustainable activewear brand to shop from is Girlfriend Collective!

9. Think hard before you buy

I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. I ended up with many items that I don’t even use anymore and they’re just lying in my room. Now, whenever I want to buy an item that I don’t really need (big or small), I force myself to give it a few days before buying to make sure I really do want that item. I’ve saved so much money by following that system.

10. Get cash-back on all your purchases

Whether you shop for activewear, skincare products, home goods, or anything else, you can actually get cash-back on pretty much all your purchases. Getting cash-back with Rakuten has saved me a lot of money on all my purchases. I’ve literally like getting free money. When I signed up, I even received $20 once I spent my first $20. If you want $20 also, use my link to sign up.